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Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS)
Warehouse-LINK® Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) from Interlink Technologies utilizes bar code and mobile computing technology to provide web-based access and real-time information to get control of inventory, boost productivity, and increase profits.

Warehouse-LINK® Features
Warehouse-LINK® is a business system designed to support all distribution activities. Multiple receiving, putaway, picking and shipping options allow flexibility, scalability, auditing and tracking for complete management of warehouse operations. Functionality, such as cross dock, speeds up order processing and eliminates putaway so that product is shipped immediately from receiving or manufacturing. Shuttle transfer provides movement between facilities without creating an order while still generating BOL. Warehouse-LINK® also provides yard management for scheduling inbound/outbound shipments, and managing dock and yard locations as well as storage containers. Order changes are real-time, easy and verified before shipping.

Value Add
Warehouse-LINK® WMS includes management for kitting, lot/batch/serial numbers, environmental requirements, hazmat, seasonal products, QC, and cycle counting. Warehouse-LINK® operates in any warehouse environment, including 3PL, Pharmaceutical, Food, Healthcare, Retail, Automotive, Electronics, Manufacturing, and Distribution. Warehouse-LINK® is a multi-building, multi-company, multi-location system that allows you to manage independently or dependently. Interlink provides compliance labeling and integration with FedEx, conveyers, scales, pick-to-light systems, CubiScan, automated scanners and ERP/accounting systems.

Other Benefits
Warehouse-LINK® provides the opportunity to utilize space more efficiently, incorporate JIT processes and accommodate growth without adding additional real-estate. Using cycle counting with Warehouse-LINK® eliminates physical inventory counts. Interlink provides a turn-key solution: Warehouse-LINK® Software, Hardware, Project Management, System Integration, Training, and Support. If your warehouse deserves a WMS with powerful performance and a professional partner to help you achieve your goals - Think Interlink!

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