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We are firm believers that benchmarking internally and externally produces the best longstanding results. Visibility, measurement and flexibility are key. Even though the very wheel is obviously used extensively in the logistics industry, it doesn't mean it has to be reinvented for each situation. We find it is often faster and more price competitive to semi-customize than to build something totally custom. We bring over a hundred years in logistics and technology experience with carriers, technology companies and shippers to focus on your challenges. Technology has become the great equalizer for the supply chain to make significant and relevant improvements. We are connected with the technology providers, networks and associations and will put this to work for You. We have helped companies redesign their distribution network, expand their service footprint, increase their margins, raise their prices, improve their productivity and measure their process for maximum improvements. Helping companies save money, save time and make money are our core competencies. We are particularly focused on GPS, Software, Mobile Communications, Data Networks, Sales Management, Customer Interface, Web and Business Process. Clients are Carriers, Shippers and Investors on a global basis from startups to the Fortune 50.
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