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April 4 2016
Effective Supply Chain Management (SCM) applies well-developed and efficient strategies that integrate every variable in a supply chain—manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and customers—s

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Numina Group announces the release of IFM's 3-D Smart Sensor Camera incorporated to our latest release of Vision Pack and Audit System, V-PAS. V-PAS can be purchased as a stand-alone carton con
Numina Group announces the release of its latest web based user interface for RDS™, a top tier WES-WCS software platform. The web2 dashboard user interface is what software developers call a "rich web experience," allowing web-based applications...
WASHINGTON, DC, April 4, 2016 – The challenges facing LTL providers to meet e-commerce’s final-mile delivery demands will be featured prominently at the CLDA Annual Meeting May 11-14

Propelling Your Small-Package Operation Forward 

In the March/April issue of PARCEL, we touch on a variety of topics that could affect your operation this year... and beyond. Wondering what the DC software of the future will look like? Check. Need help understanding the real rate increase? Check. And if you just need to get back to basics and think about the most basic component of all when it comes to your package operation, we've got a new way to think about the box, too.


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