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Archived Webinars  

Live Air Date — 04-30-2020
Balancing Customer Choice and E-Commerce Profitability Amid Uncertainty
Presented by: Robyn Meyer, Partner-Enterprise Solutions, Transportation Insight, and Read Jacob, Director of Client Solutions, Transportation Insight
Sponsored by: Transportation Insight (archived until 04-30-2021)

Live Air Date — 03-10-2020
How to Identify and Solve your Unique Parcel Shipping Challenges
Presented by: Ken Fleming, President & Chief Sales Officer, Logistyx Technologies
Sponsored by: Logistyx (archived until 03-10-2021)

Live Air Date — 01-30-2020
The State of Parcel Shipping 2020 - The Rise of the Global Parcel Chain
Presented by:
Bob Malley, Managing Director, Pierbridge
Sponsored by: Pierbridge (archived until 01-30-2021)

Live Air Date — 09-26-2019
How Personal Shipping Can Deliver Big Benefits
Presented by:
Tom Hazel, Director of Carrier Management Solutions, Pitney Bowes and Mike Graves, Vice President of Product Management, Pierbridge
Sponsored by: Pitney Bowes & Pierbridge (archived until 09-26-2020)

Live Air Date — 06-12-2019
Driving Sales with Same-Day Delivery
Presented by:
Justin Cramer, Global Project Management Director & Co-Founder, ProShip, Inc.
Sponsored by: ProShip, Inc. (archived until 06-12-2020)

Live Air Date — 01-29-2019
3 Parcel Shipping Trends from 2018 — and a Few That Will Impact 2019
Presented by:
Bob Malley, Managing Director, Pierbridge, Inc.
Ken Fleming, COO, Logistyx Technologies
Sponsored by: Pierbridge, Inc. (archived until 01-29-2020)