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Our Mission To provide relevant, useful information through all media channels to those responsible for the parcel logistics process, thereby cementing our position as the parcel industry source of information and exchange of ideas.

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Brief Historical Look In the early 1990s, as just-in-time manufacturing came fully on the scene, we noticed a sharp rise in the shipment of parcels. Realizing there was an information void in this area of the transportation industry, we created PARCEL in 1994 to provide logistics professionals with the knowledge to improve operations and respond to market changes.

While we understood there was a developing trend, no one could have predicted the boon in parcel shipments. Several key factors have affected the growth of parcel shipments since the launch of PARCEL, including just-in-time principles; the increase in competitive carriers and the services they offer; the rise of the e-commerce; and shifts in human behavior as more consumers and businesses place their orders online.

Today, we are the sole provider of information to the most advanced segment of the transportation industry. We built our magazine on the entire process, not just a part of the process. From inception, we understood that to handle any shipment efficiently and cost-effectively, you must understand and control the process from beginning (order entry) through the warehouse to packaging and shipment processing to the final delivery of the product to the customer. Our coverage of the industry continues in that vein.

PARCEL is a product of MadMen3, LLC, a multi-media company since 2019.