Feb. 29 2024
The supply chain technology market has been growing rapidly. In 2022, it was valued at US$21,129.2 million and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 11.1% from 2023 to 2030. And one of the most i... View More
Feb. 26 2024
We at PARCEL would like to thank Morgan Stanley for allowing us to publish the results from their quarterly shipper surveys. We included a snapshot of these results in our recent January/February, 202
Feb. 16 2024
Another holiday season is in the books, and it feels like you can finally catch your breath and relax after the last few months of shipping chaos, right? Wrong! Peak shipping season may have c... View More
Feb. 8 2024
Peak season is here, my friends. For you shippers out there, this means orders and shipments are coming your way fast and furious. The pace and volume this time of year brings means it is actu... View More
Feb. 6 2024
Sure, every mile is technically the same distance. But just ask a distance runner and they’ll assure you that not only is the last mile the longest, but that it can be the difference between... View More
Jan. 31 2024
In today's digital age, data has emerged as a driving force behind modern business strategies. Companies across various industries are harnessing the power of data to drive growth, enhance op... View More
Jan. 29 2024
We’re all busy. The day-to-day noise of the transportation function is never calm and peaceful. This is especially true as we ramp into and through peak and GRI season. But urgent is the enemy of... View More
Jan. 19 2024
Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing industries in numerous ways. Many business leaders wonder if deploying an AI chatbot for customer service could tackle rising query volumes while givin... View More
Jan. 10 2024
Editor's Note: This article was written in fall of 2023, but even though this most recent peak season is now over, we still thought this article from our November/December issue should be share... View More
Jan. 4 2024
In January of 2023, Amazon announced the expansion of Buy With Prime (BWP), a program allowing eligible retailers to sell through Amazon Prime on their own websites, with shoppers using their... View More
Dec. 22 2023
With high customer expectations, continuing labor shortages, uncertain carrier capacity, and rising warehousing and shipping costs, it's becoming increasingly difficult to meet customer deliv... View More
Dec. 21 2023
The best e-commerce shopping experiences don’t stop at checkout. A top-notch fulfillment phase and customer delivery experience is critical because it is the most emotional part of the e-commerce... View More
Dec. 8 2023
Meeting consumer expectations in today’s omnichannel sales environment is complicated, to say the least. To capture demand, brands have to be selling where their customers are shopping –
Dec. 6 2023
Does peak season always seem to arrive before you have time to build a comprehensive plan? Supply chain leaders face a variety of challenges during peak season, including surges in cost, and o... View More
Dec. 4 2023
During the course of my career, an uncomfortable conversation has occurred again and again. It is one most shippers know all too well. That conversation is one which historically occurred wit... View More
Nov. 3 2023
In a world of escalating costs and consistent supply chain disruptions, businesses, particularly in shipping, are under mounting pressure. Creativity is called upon as companies look for novel... View More
Oct. 18 2023
Amazon and other large retailers are bringing forth a new warehousing framework that deploys interconnected regional networks. Let’s discuss the background, pros, and cons of this strategy... View More
Oct. 9 2023
Before manufacturers were able to apply strategic sourcing practices to their operational expenses with the same discipline they used to buy the “direct supplies” used on the factory floor
Oct. 5 2023
A third-party logistics (3PL) provider typically offers services that include receiving, storing, and managing inventory, as well as picking and packing orders to ship to your customers. The 3... View More
Oct. 5 2023
Supply chain professionals have faced tough challenges over the past three years. Never-before-seen circumstances and unprecedented events have had a major impact on the supply chain putting a... View More