June 7 2023
Flexible packaging is a popular choice due to its convenience, space-saving, and sustainability advantages, which can also enhance your brand's image and reputation. However, it is crucial to... View More
June 5 2023
If you missed Part One of our survey, click here. Dozens of shippers (commanding approximately $3.5 billion in aggregate annual shipping spend) participated in Shipware’s live parcel pricing and... View More
June 1 2023
When the marketplace changes, evolution and adaptation are critical to survival. As the pandemic altered buying behavior, for example, retailers and brands had to adapt by offering an optimize... View More
May 30 2023
As the world becomes increasingly aware of the impact of climate change and the importance of sustainability, companies are under pressure to become more environmentally conscious. One of the... View More
May 25 2023
Parcel rates keep going up. Shippers like you know that at the beginning of 2023, small parcel list rates went up about 7% for FedEx and UPS, but that is not the whole story. You may feel li... View More
May 24 2023
The twists and turns on the consumer’s road from purchase to parcel can influence e-commerce retailers’ bottom lines in a direct relationship to customer experience (CX), and last-mile del
May 22 2023
In early February, Women in Logistics and Delivery Services (WILDS) presented the second annual Megan J. Brennan Award for Excellence to Tammy Whitcomb Hull, Inspector General, United States P... View More
May 17 2023
Adopting lean inventory management principles can help businesses change for the better. However, decision-makers must consider what implementing these practices means for the companies in que... View More
May 15 2023
To say the domestic parcel shipping landscape has changed in the last three to four years may be a gross understatement. Many long for the days before perpetual peak surcharges, 90+ page co... View More
May 12 2023
Let’s start with the very basic principle of what order fulfillment is. A customer places an order, which is then picked, packed, and shipped from a fulfillment center. The carrier then picks... View More
May 11 2023
With shippers still reeling from high costs incurred during the pandemic and its aftermath, businesses are setting aggressive cost-reduction goals for their logistics operations. General rate... View More
May 10 2023
Parcel shippers who ship hazardous (hazmat) materials in domestic or international commerce are subject to a wide variety of rules and regulations governing their shipments. By the very nature of the... View More
May 9 2023
“Here’s the reality. Let’s say you’re in charge of supply chain for a large company and you need to go in front of your boss or your board to say, ‘I guarantee there won’t... View More
May 8 2023
For many, spring brings a slower time. You have finished your year-end physical inventory plans and now you are organizing, getting new product in for your next peak season. Some of you stay f... View More
May 5 2023
In early January, Amazon announced the expansion of its “Buy with Prime” (BWP) service to all eligible US retailers. The program, which first launched as an invite-only beta in April 2022,... View More
May 3 2023
On January 31, UPS held its Q4 2022 earnings call. Despite relatively positive packaging, results were mixed. After walking away from Q4 with continued strong margins and a 13.2% dividend incr... View More
May 1 2023
We asked the questions, you provided responses. Exclusively for the PARCEL Forum, Shipware conducted a live parcel pricing and benchmarking survey, entitled Live & Interactive Parcel Prici... View More
April 27 2023
The term "control tower" is often broadly applied when describing reports and dashboards; however, it’s much more than that. While visibility is a prerequisite, having a true control tower... View More
April 24 2023
"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” William Shakespeare's words from his iconic play Romeo and Juliet could sum up the proposed name change for the USPS’s Ground Services, i
April 20 2023
You may have heard the pitch – get your new multi-carrier shipping software solution in just days. For startups or small businesses, this may be just what they need, but for mid-market and e... View More