May 25 2022
It can be challenging for smaller enterprises to compete with the world’s most established brands. However, usually, the goal is not for them to become as well-known as those entities... View More
May 23 2022
Long gone are the days of a simple returns label in a box for the transportation team to own, and a finance manager to give their quarterly returns forecast before moving on. Whether you are... View More
May 19 2022
If you are building a new home, you would probably engage a contractor. If you want to remodel your kitchen, you need to work with an expert in that specific field. So too with shipping. Ther... View More
May 17 2022
E-commerce is projected to cross the $1 trillion mark in the United States this year – for the first time ever. While that powerful statistic breeds an endless array of opportunities for bus... View More
May 13 2022
Shippers are mitigating the risk of failing to meet customer delivery requirements by diversifying their base of qualified carriers. Carriers have seen demand continue to grow and struggled to maintai
May 11 2022
The rise in e-commerce is resulting in transportation carriers redrawing networks and offering new services focusing on the last mile. According to the US Census, total e-commerce sales for... View More
May 9 2022
Despite upheavals in global supply chains, cross-border e-commerce remains strong. According to the cross-border e-commerce service provider, Global-e, cross-border e-commerce sales grew 21% in 2020 c
May 5 2022
These days, the logistics industry is truly a global force. It drives or contributes to every marketplace, physical or digital, anywhere in the world. Modern supply chains span entire countrie... View More
May 2 2022
This installment of PARCEL Counsel is being written during the first weeks of March, 2022 when terms such as “sanctioned” or “sanctions” are very much in the news. These news... View More
April 28 2022
In Asia, ocean containers are commonly loaded with single boxes. This certainly minimizes the cost per box for shipping charges, but this practice can lead to costly consequences for the recei... View More
April 26 2022
Prices are rising, good talent (or any talent!) is hard to find, and the demand for just about everything is increasing. Associates are getting tired of overtime, and it feels like you’re op... View More
April 21 2022
It's generally accepted that the COVID-19 pandemic simply accelerated the trend towards growing parcel volumes. But it was a bit of surprise how quickly those consumers that were not signific... View More
April 19 2022
You just finished a grueling negotiation with your parcel carrier. A consultant may have helped you in your efforts to attain the best terms and conditions possible. Perhaps the process this time was... View More
April 15 2022
Reading up on the latest news and assessing the hottest trends makes up a large part of staying competitive in any market. The transportation and logistics industries are no different. Having... View More
April 11 2022
Last year, the U.S. labor shortage reached epic levels, with an estimated 10.7 million unfilled jobs. The parcel delivery sector is feeling the labor crunch amidst a slew of pandemic-led chall... View More
April 8 2022
The United States Postal Service introduced yet another set of new shipping fees on April 3, 2022. So, what does this mean for you and your business? What are the new USPS shipping fees?... View More
April 7 2022
Warehouses and distribution networks are key assets for any supply chain. Because of this, organizations are recognizing the need to streamline processes within the four walls to increase prod... View More
April 4 2022
Sorry, folks. The last mile is not necessarily the end of a supply chain. Instead, we at the Reverse Logistics Association view the supply chain as circular, encompassing reverse logistics pra... View More
March 29 2022
With expenses rising, it can be difficult to justify the initial cost of certain actions, like implementing packaging automation equipment and hardware. Knowing how much that cost is can be an... View More
March 25 2022
The pandemic’s effect has had a considerable impact on most businesses, but few as visible as the effect on the small parcel shipping industry. Prior to the pandemic, most of the customer an... View More