April 10 2024
A strategic push to implement a data analytics program can play an important role in optimizing your facility operations including your outbound parcel planning. A robust data analytics plan e... View More
April 5 2024
By historical standards, the recent surge in both the volume and variety of industrial automation solutions is unprecedented, and it continues to accelerate. Nowhere is this more evident than in the w
April 4 2024
Packaging industry professionals play a major role in supporting companies’ brand reputations by developing innovations to promote product security. A well-designed package offers protection... View More
April 3 2024
I'm the CFO of a shipping logistics company that brings in tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue. I have more than a decade of experience in finance, I've earned a master's in accou... View More
April 1 2024
A controversy between the member countries of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the 27 EU countries plus Norway and Switzerland raises questions about whether a country can impose controls... View More
March 28 2024
Retailers, 3PLs, and manufacturers looking to meet customer delivery expectations while maintaining healthy order margins and controlling fulfillment costs are at the mercy of global supply ch... View More
March 26 2024
As we turn the page into a new year, we often find ourselves filled with ambition to take on new challenges. While many are setting personal home, work, and fitness goals we often find ourselv... View More
March 22 2024
As omnichannel sales increase, the number of returns will grow. Indeed, e-commerce retail sales have increased 8.3% year-to-date through November, while retail sales have risen two percent for... View More
March 21 2024
March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate all that women have contributed to culture and society in America and throughout the world, as well as to reflect on the progress made and... View More
March 20 2024
Every year, parcel carriers announce a general rate increase where they cite an average increase in their rates. For 2024, UPS and FedEx announced a 5.9% average increase. In the parcel indust... View More
March 18 2024
Business intelligence (BI) is not just a buzzword. But for many companies, it is — and that’s a problem for their supply chains. For the companies that use it, BI is a tool that provides... View More
March 14 2024
Retailers are realizing things need to change to improve profitability amid dwindling consumer demand and rising costs. Predicted 2024 trends can be grouped into three categories: return polic... View More
March 12 2024
Unboxing videos have gained a lot of traction on social media in the past few years. This trend presents a great opportunity for businesses to reach new audiences and increase customer loyalty... View More
March 8 2024
No matter how carefully a parcel shipper structures its transactions and conducts its operations to avoid being sued, it is almost inevitable that sooner or later a claim will be brought against it in
March 6 2024
Over the past few years, I have seen, among business leaders, a growing realization of the dramatic impact that parcel shipping operations, acumen, and performance have on overall business suc... View More
March 4 2024
The past few years have been historic for the direct-to-consumer (DTC) industry. Sales grew steadily until the pandemic unleashed tremendous growth and a need to convert omnichannel packaging and fulf
Feb. 29 2024
The supply chain technology market has been growing rapidly. In 2022, it was valued at US$21,129.2 million and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 11.1% from 2023 to 2030. And one of the most i... View More
Feb. 26 2024
We at PARCEL would like to thank Morgan Stanley for allowing us to publish the results from their quarterly shipper surveys. We included a snapshot of these results in our recent January/February, 202
Feb. 22 2024
3PLs, retailers, and manufacturers engaged in e-commerce fulfillment face high customer delivery expectations, continuing labor shortages, uncertain carrier capacity, and rising warehousing an... View More
Feb. 21 2024
For years, delivery expectations have hung on broad carrier windows: two to five days, three to seven days, etc. While these still exist, modern shopping carts and time-conscious consumers demand fine