Dec. 8 2021
The world of global e-commerce is growing at more than 27% each year, with over 131 billion parcels traversing the globe in 2020. This equates to 4,160 parcels shipped per second. Since 95% of... View More
Dec. 7 2021
International parcel shipping continues to increase at an amazing pace, and forecasts show that this will only continue. It is important for every business that ships cross-border or across the ocean... View More
Dec. 6 2021
We recently released our fourth annual Future of Posts report, which highlights trends and the current state of the postal industry. The survey is based on responses from over 151 respondents... View More
Dec. 3 2021
This holiday season, retailers face a new reality as the industry acknowledges the impact of broad changes in consumer shopping habits. Shoppers have become more familiar and reliant on socia... View More
Dec. 2 2021
In the winter of 2005, Amazon launched Amazon Prime as the vanguard of the fast and free e-commerce revolution. Amazon had experimented with free shipping prior to 2005, but that year was the turning... View More
Dec. 1 2021
The compelling attraction of e-commerce is its convenience. Who doesn't enjoy making a purchase from the comfort of their couch and having it delivered right to their doorstep? Accordin... View More
Nov. 30 2021
It is truer today, more than ever, that innovation is necessary for businesses to survive. Traditionally, companies would plan for growth based on past performance, utilizing historic... View More
Nov. 29 2021
For years, material handling systems generally meant conveyors in a fixed path to move parcels from Point A to Point B and some level of sortation to distribute those parcels correctly at the... View More
Nov. 22 2021
Global supply chains have seen incredible amounts of disruption in the last couple of years. Supply chain leaders have been left to pick up the pieces of inconsistent supply and demand pattern... View More
Nov. 19 2021
From the moment consumers click “complete purchase,” they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their package. There’s no denying that speed is of the essence when it comes to today’s... View More
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Nov. 17 2021
Material shortages, port congestion, labor shortfalls, tariffs and the lingering impacts of COVID-19 continue to create challenges for the supply chain. As we approach the holiday season, majo... View More
Nov. 15 2021
If the pandemic proves one thing, it’s that e-commerce has truly and irrevocably taken hold of the global marketplace. Amazon’s Q2 2021 results alone show this, with the online shopping... View More
Nov. 12 2021
In today’s fast-paced society, many people are no longer willing to wait several days for things they buy online. They also may not want to take time out of their busy schedules to shop in p... View More
Nov. 11 2021
As the year winds to a close, the supply chain disruptions that have plagued retailers show little sign of improvement. Heading into the holiday season and beyond, businesses have been told to expect... View More
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Nov. 9 2021
Some things in life create great impact – a wedding, a divorce, having kids… these are the kinds of events that change a person. Pandemics fall into this category, too, demonstrating how shopping
Nov. 5 2021
As a byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed staggering changes to cross-border e-commerce trends over the past year and a half. According to market research from Facts and Factors, it i
Nov. 3 2021
Just how bad are market constraints right now? In short, conditions across the industry are record-breakingly bad. If you’re a shipper right now, you’re waiting for goods that are delayed... View More
Nov. 1 2021
As expected, UPS has announced their 2022 general rate increase (GRI) of 5.9% effective December 26, 2021, matching FedEx’s announcement from September 20th. The 5.9% increase represents a 1... View More
Oct. 20 2021
In this installment of PARCEL Counsel, we will take a “sneak preview” of two of the presentations at this year’s PARCEL Forum. For the first time in many years, I will not be attending... View More
Oct. 18 2021
Many things have changed in the past year, but one thing that is constant has been rising shipping costs. With today’s current market, the addition of more peak surcharges, decreased delivery perfor