Sept. 8 2023
By now we’ve all heard that inventory is an organization’s largest overall investment. Inventory can either be an organization’s biggest asset or its biggest headache – the difference
Sept. 6 2023
Our 2023 carrier satisfaction survey is here! We take a look at how readers view the carriers with respect to a variety of factors. Check it out and see how your experience compares to that of your pe
Sept. 1 2023
Logistics data. All companies that ship products have it, but not all companies can effectively use it and act on it timely. Why? The volume of carriers, technology providers, and pa... View More
Aug. 28 2023
Getting into an effective routine for packaging machine maintenance can make the difference in having a continually profitable business and one that often experiences costly downtime. Here are... View More
Aug. 28 2023
As e-commerce surged and parcel excess capacity dried up in mid-late 2021 shippers the focus of many shippers shifted. For years, the primary goal, in many cases the only goal, of carrier nego... View More
Aug. 17 2023
With companies of all kinds still wary of a potential recession, more are looking at how to cut costly consulting engagements. In an e-commerce age when it is more important than ever to optimi... View More
Aug. 15 2023
The stakes are high when it comes to the $265 billion global express delivery market – predicted to grow to nearly $485 billion by 2030. Both the pandemic and explosion of e-commerce impacte... View More
Aug. 14 2023
Over the last quarter, warehouse and distribution center leaders have grappled with higher than usual inventory levels, which are often more than their facilities are equipped to handle. In th... View More
Aug. 8 2023
Successful online sales increasingly depend on an agile, efficient back-end fulfillment operation – to drive profitability and to keep customers happy and coming back. Here’s how you addre
Aug. 3 2023
In today’s volatile and challenging world, supply chain networks face many obstacles. Supply chain networks are interconnected systems of organizations, resources, activities, information, a... View More
July 28 2023
Back in 2021, FedEx initiated a key change to its market strategy by rebranding FedEx SmartPost as FedEx Ground Economy. Effectively, this decision resulted in a complete network redesign –... View More
July 26 2023
Co-warehousing has many benefits for businesses of all sizes, ranging from more affordable pricing to luxury amenities for employees. Conventional warehouse real estate can be highly limiting... View More
July 25 2023
Parcel shipping is used for small amounts of goods or products, usually under 150 pounds. Parcels are more manageable for shipping companies to work with, as they usually can be lifted by one... View More
July 21 2023
Most shippers understand the potential disruption an August 1 Teamsters strike at UPS would cause to their business, the economy, and UPS as a company. But have you considered the po... View More
July 19 2023
In 2023, shippers are acutely aware of the annual rate increases by the prominent carriers. Additionally, the escalating labor negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters have also caught their... View More
July 13 2023
Among the biggest factors affecting shippers as they craft logistics strategies are the annual general rate increases (GRIs) imposed by FedEx and UPS. Typically announced in the fall to take e... View More
July 11 2023
The resale market is growing quickly as consumers become more mindful of sustainable practices. According to a recent report from RLA member ThredUp and research and analytics firm GlobalData... View More
July 7 2023
In December 2022, the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) published a thoroughly revised Uniform Straight Bill of Lading as part of the National Motor Freight Classification (NM... View More
July 5 2023
Technology is a tool that you can no longer do without. Having a distribution center that is not driven by technology simply doesn’t make good business sense. If you are in e-commerce, it is... View More
June 30 2023
Actively managing your carrier agreement isn’t something that requires countless hours every week. In fact, there are just a few easy steps you can take to reduce your costs and optimize your small