July 1 2022
FedEx’s Money Back Guarantee and UPS’s Guaranteed Service Refund state that for services with guaranteed delivery dates and times, which includes most Express/Air products, arriving more... View More
June 28 2022
Ever wonder how relaxing and less stressful your life would be if your department or facility was on auto pilot? How refreshing would it be to know your team had your back and anything that co... View More
June 24 2022
As retailers, manufacturers, 3PLs, and other shippers bring on new carriers to meet their ever-growing shipment capacity constraints, they need to be wary of the volatility they are exposing t... View More
June 22 2022
In the world of streamlining, optimizing, expanding, and trying to lead the way in supply chain operations, it’s easy to see environmental sustainability as a “nice to have” or a “some
June 20 2022
With gas prices at record highs, unending supply chain disruptions, and increased pressure to deliver e-commerce orders quickly, brands must get creative when it comes to reducing the strain o... View More
June 16 2022
Last-mile logistics are complex. Managing multiple carriers, meeting increased customer delivery expectations, and controlling costs take planning and optimization that goes beyond simple... View More
June 14 2022
It seems everyone is interested in considering automation, and there are plenty of enticing reasons. Distribution and fulfillment center managers are dealing with a tightening labor pool, rising labor
June 10 2022
In normal times, conventional wisdom held that a parcel shipping network was best served by utilizing one national provider. Yet, the last 18-24 months have made conventional wisdom for the parcel shi
June 8 2022
The pandemic accelerated consumers’ adoption of e-commerce, and although online sales decreased slightly over the same period last year, the latest Census Bureau statistics for the fourth qu... View More
June 6 2022
Benchmarking. We hear that word all of the time in business in an array of strategic, project management, performance evaluation, and process improvement discussions. So that we have the same... View More
June 2 2022
The e-commerce market has been a rollercoaster over the past few years, and it seems like each day alternates between good and bad trends to cause excitement and worry. If we look past some of... View More
June 1 2022
Despite the continued success of e-commerce and online sales initiatives, the supply chain is seeing mounting challenges from delays, shortages, and beyond, all of which directly impact the co... View More
May 31 2022
Supply chain volatility is one of the top challenges retailers have faced in the last 12 months. I’m sure no retailer needs reminding of how the past two years of the pandemic have led to an... View More
May 27 2022
Shipping software provides you with one resource to do a variety of your shipping needs, from rate shopping, to managing paperwork, to customer communications, to tracking your shipment and more. You... View More
May 25 2022
It can be challenging for smaller enterprises to compete with the world’s most established brands. However, usually, the goal is not for them to become as well-known as those entities... View More
May 23 2022
Long gone are the days of a simple returns label in a box for the transportation team to own, and a finance manager to give their quarterly returns forecast before moving on. Whether you are... View More
May 19 2022
If you are building a new home, you would probably engage a contractor. If you want to remodel your kitchen, you need to work with an expert in that specific field. So too with shipping. Ther... View More
May 17 2022
E-commerce is projected to cross the $1 trillion mark in the United States this year – for the first time ever. While that powerful statistic breeds an endless array of opportunities for bus... View More
May 13 2022
Shippers are mitigating the risk of failing to meet customer delivery requirements by diversifying their base of qualified carriers. Carriers have seen demand continue to grow and struggled to maintai
May 11 2022
The rise in e-commerce is resulting in transportation carriers redrawing networks and offering new services focusing on the last mile. According to the US Census, total e-commerce sales for... View More