Oct. 24 2023
Presidential election years influence policymaking in Washington just as they do headlines. It is thus not too soon to take stock of what federal policy changes may be on the horizon for parcel... View More
Oct. 20 2023
Consumers today want whatever they want whenever they want it. The demand for instant gratification has seeped into every corner of our lives, especially e-commerce, with 97% of shoppers calli... View More
Oct. 18 2023
Amazon and other large retailers are bringing forth a new warehousing framework that deploys interconnected regional networks. Let’s discuss the background, pros, and cons of this strategy... View More
Oct. 16 2023
Matching rival FedEx, UPS has announced a 5.9% 2024 General Rate Increase (GRI). While the FedEx increases are effective January 1, 2024, the new UPS rates will go into effect a week earlier... View More
Oct. 16 2023
People are increasingly interested in eco-friendly packaging materials. They’re more mindful of how collective actions are critical in the planet’s future and how choosing more sustainable
Oct. 11 2023
Operational optimization that allows consistent delivery of accurate quantities of the right items to customers is a year-round goal for any distribution center operation manager. Difficulty i... View More
Oct. 9 2023
Before manufacturers were able to apply strategic sourcing practices to their operational expenses with the same discipline they used to buy the “direct supplies” used on the factory floor
Oct. 5 2023
A third-party logistics (3PL) provider typically offers services that include receiving, storing, and managing inventory, as well as picking and packing orders to ship to your customers. The 3... View More
Oct. 5 2023
Supply chain professionals have faced tough challenges over the past three years. Never-before-seen circumstances and unprecedented events have had a major impact on the supply chain putting a... View More
Oct. 3 2023
The ever-growing popularity of online shopping has also dramatically increased the number of returns retailers need to mitigate. Not only expensive for the retailer, with the need to hold addi... View More
Sept. 29 2023
Two reports highlight the importance of this title question for the USPS and the global postal delivery network: The Universal Postal Union (UPU), in its October, 2022, presentation, Trend... View More
Sept. 28 2023
The 2023 peak shipping season is quickly approaching. While some things haven’t changed, like customers wanting fast and on-time delivery and carriers enacting hefty peak season surcharges, the supp
Sept. 27 2023
During the 2022 peak holiday season, FedEx’s on-time delivery fell through the floor. It was a crazy time with nonexistent capacity and overwhelming demands on parcel carriers. Still, FedEx... View More
Sept. 25 2023
TransImpact recently released its deep-dive analysis into the 2024 FedEx GRI. Click below to access; there's no time like the present to start preparing for 2024!... View More
Sept. 21 2023
On July 9, 2023, updates to the United States Postal Service’s Publication 52: Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail, took effect. The update includes new requirements for how... View More
Sept. 19 2023
Rising returns volumes have leveled off, but the costs of returns continue to climb according to the Reverse Logistics Association's (RLA) quarterly returns index. For Q1 and Q2, the returns... View More
Sept. 15 2023
UPS has released high-level guidance that its 2024 General Rate Increase will mirror FedEx’s announcement at a 5.9% overall increase in rates. But, as always, the devil is in the de... View More
Sept. 14 2023
We last looked at this topic in the November 2008 issue of PARCEL. As reported there, a Google search using the term “transportation law” yielded over 12,000,000 results. The same search... View More
Sept. 12 2023
When you are working in the supply chain, July is when you start planning and getting ready for Christmas. Yes, it’s hard to think about Christmas when the heat index is approaching 100-plus... View More
Sept. 10 2023
FedEx has announced an average General Rate Increase (GRI) of 5.9% that will go into effect January 1, 2024. The increases are generally softer than in 2023 (for reasons we’ll explain) but f... View More