July 26 2021
When the holidays come around, will your e-commerce be prepared to handle the spike in shipment volume? Preparation is the key to success. No need to stress! As a result of the pandemic duri... View More
July 23 2021
Sustainability is a concept and strategy of ever-growing importance in the business world. It means minimizing the impact on the environment and surrounding communities, as well as calling for... View More
July 19 2021
During the onset of COVID in early 2020, UPS took many proactive steps to freeze customer discounts in the event that their rolling average dropped a portfolio tier. The rolling average was frozen at... View More
July 12 2021
There is a growing urgency for the last mile delivery space to raise performance levels and meet demanding KPIs, despite the struggle to operate during a protracted independent contractor shor... View More
July 6 2021
The past year has certainly tested supply chains and brought them to their breaking point. With a 44% YOY increase in e-commerce spend in 2020 , carriers and shippers alike had to shift resour... View More
July 2 2021
In our May/June, 2021 issue, we profiled six leading solution providers ready and willing to help you with your shipping software, systems, and strategical needs. Download the PDF below to read the fu
June 24 2021
UPS has once again announced new peak surcharges. Rate hikes begin as early as July 4, rising again on October 3, and once more on October 31, extending through the traditional holiday season... View More
June 23 2021
Previous installments of PARCEL Counsel looked at the six rules of contracting. These rules are general principles relating to the process of contracting. In this issue, we will consider the substanti
June 21 2021
Every successful business owner today focuses on delivering customer value — faster, better, and cheaper than their competitors. While relative to different types of consumers, one thing eve... View More
June 16 2021
My mother used to say, “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.” It sounds a bit pessimistic, but I’ve been surprised at how often those words have rung... View More
June 14 2021
This last year may have you wondering who broke a mirror, causing seven years of bad luck, or when we will emerge from doom and gloom. As I write this, we are faced with weather issues, second... View More
June 11 2021
Fulfillment managers remain concerned following the 2020 holiday peak season, which was riddled with shipping delays and operational gridlock. They are aggressively searching for opportunities... View More
June 10 2021
In May of 2021, FedEx announced that it will be updating its fuel surcharge rate tables effective June 21, 2021. This change increases the associated rates of trigger points for FedEx Express... View More
June 9 2021
Picture the beleaguered sports coach. Any team will do. They all have the same issue as they pace the sideline: How do I really know if my team is any good? Many coaches look at individual pla... View More
June 7 2021
The “Amazon Effect” has led to most e-commerce consumers expecting free and fast delivery; often within one to two business days. There’s a price to pay for that, which ultimately... View More
June 4 2021
Every year, regional carriers and final-mile carriers become a bigger and more important part of many organizations’ delivery services. In the below PDF, get to know a selection of the leading playe
June 4 2021
In the modern supply chain, there are two types of operations, centralized vs decentralized distribution models. Each type has strengths and weaknesses, which means one might be better suited... View More
June 3 2021
As parcel delivery evolves, last mile technology will need to evolve with it — particularly by way of automation. Otherwise, efficiency gains and improvements elsewhere in the delivery chain... View More
June 2 2021
Beginning July 1, 2021, the European Union (EU) will be making important changes to its value-added tax (VAT) regulations that will have a major impact on US e-commerce sellers. Leading up to... View More
June 1 2021
Over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed supply chain weaknesses, including supplier shortages and factory shutdowns, along with numerous challenges that affected the workforce. Combi... View More