Dec. 30 2019
Mixed messages in week 50. FedEx dropped to 81.3% while UPS rebounded to 93%. FedEx’s percentage is based off a smaller sample size due to how they invoice but it does provide credence... View More
Dec. 30 2019
It is critical for organizations with any kind of parcel volume to understand the impact of the carriers’ general rate increase (GRI). Yet, while the annual announcement by FedEx and UPS is... View More
Dec. 23 2019
When sending goods globally, shippers need to be aware of the legal issues relating to international shipping and the risks they pose for parcel shippers. These risks include not only financia... View More
Dec. 19 2019
If international shipping is not on your radar already, it is likely it will be soon. After all, cross-border trade is the next big growth arena in e-commerce. Figure 1 shows the top five coun... View More
Dec. 17 2019
Rate changes and surcharges have been implemented more and more throughout the past few years, often at any time during the year (instead of being done during the standard, year-end general rate... View More
Dec. 16 2019
“The world is your oyster.” Everyone has heard the saying, and every day, it is becoming more and more of a reality, especially in the retail industry. If customers want an item, they will
Dec. 13 2019
Bob Malley, Managing Director of Pierbridge, sat down with me at the 2019 PARCEL Forum to discuss what shippers can do to prepare their global supply chains for 2020... View More
Dec. 12 2019
In October of 2018, the United States announced an intention to pull out from the Universal Postal Union (UPU) within one year. As a founding member of this 145-year old international organiza... View More
pierbridge video2
Dec. 11 2019
In this interview at the 2019 PARCEL Forum in Dallas, Bob Malley, Managing Director of Pierbridge, sat down with me to discuss how shippers can capitalize on cross-border e-commerce opportunitie... View More
Dec. 10 2019
As we wrap up 2019, global trade volume growth is likely to remain weak, with 3Q19 trade activity the weakest since the global financial crisis. While monetary easing is gaining momentum, its... View More
pierbridge video1
Dec. 9 2019
Bob Malley, Managing Director, Pierbridge, discusses how the e-commerce boom has created a parcel tsunami at the border, how US Customs & Border Protection is handling that influx, and wha... View More
Dec. 6 2019
Conducting regular daily business can be daunting enough, but with businesses transacting more with suppliers, distributors, and clients around the world, it has become even more baffling and... View More
Dec. 5 2019
The parcel industry is changing at lightning speed due to the growth of e-commerce, and the demand placed on parcel shippers – and notably their infrastructure – is increasing dramatically
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Dec. 5 2019
As businesses evolve and grow, it’s essential that supply chain managers allocate time to reworking their strategies in order to make their processes more effective. With customers increasin... View More
Dec. 4 2019
Transportation is often the largest supply chain cost for a company. While there are many approaches to reducing this expense, such as redesigning the network or running a carrier bid event, t... View More
Dec. 4 2019
Incoterms are internationally recognized, used worldwide in both international and domestic contracts for the sale of goods. Incoterms first originated back in 1936, but have been adjusted, ad... View More
Dec. 3 2019
Peak season surcharges began in 2017 as a way for carriers to mitigate some of the costs during the heavy shipping season. Packages that require extra handling (i.e. additional handling, large package
Dec. 2 2019
Despite the global interconnectedness of the parcel sector, we are now only beginning to understand the effects of trade and security tensions on our industry. Outside of mere volume impacts, there is
Nov. 26 2019
The international commerce sector is seeing some big changes that could have a fairly significant impact on shippers’ operations. In that vein, we at PARCEL sat down with some with logistics... View More
Nov. 25 2019
UPS announced its 2020 general rate increase (GRI) on November 18, 2019. The announced rate increase is 4.9% on Ground and Air services, and it will go into effect on December 29, 2019. Along... View More