June 16 2020
It is no secret that regional carriers are gathering steam as the push for faster and cheaper delivery continues. Regional carriers have capitalized on the weak points of major carriers (such as peak... View More
June 11 2020
There is no doubt that supply chains will lead businesses out of the coronavirus pandemic. But, in order to become a leader among the pack, supply chains will need to embrace technologies that allow... View More
June 10 2020
Historically logistics has operated behind the scenes. Today, with the global adoption of sweeping measures to control the spread of coronavirus, it’s on the front lines. The impact... View More
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June 9 2020
There are tremendous demands placed on IT departments at logistics companies today, which must operate within the constraints of an allotted budget. One of the most difficult business demands to get r
June 4 2020
Employees working remotely is not a new concept. In fact, in 2019, 54% of US workers worked remotely at least once per month, 48% worked off-site at least once per week, and 30% worked re... View More
June 4 2020
Last-mile delivery providers are used to moving quickly and being flexible. Many are strategically located in densely populated cities, allowing distribution in urban environments to run quickly. In t
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June 2 2020
Keeping up with all the software and systems options to get your products from order entry to final delivery is a daunting task. If it is time to update or upgrade your parcel shipping operation... View More
June 2 2020
As the e-commerce explosion continues to shape the way shippers reach their customers, regional carriers and lastmile carriers are becoming a bigger and bigger part of many organizations’ carr... View More
June 2 2020
The deep, guttural sound of a delivery truck grows exponentially louder as it hurries its way towards you. Its pending arrival evokes high levels of anticipation and giddiness. A beat later, e... View More
June 1 2020
Millions of consumers and businesses across the United States have long relied on private shipping centers for important services for their families and customers. More than 10,000 retai... View More
May 28 2020
With all but essential stores closed in many parts of the country, e-commerce sales have increased, particularly for items people can use in their homes, such as games, sports, and fitness equ... View More
May 26 2020
In a matter of weeks, the entire world went virtual. Every industry’s supply chain was upended as they scrambled to figure out how to support everything from shelter-in-place orders to getti... View More
May 21 2020
The coronavirus has caused major disruptions in the global economy and significant chaos for the people of China. It has been encouraging to see how the people of world have responded in their attempt
May 18 2020
Why did e-commerce take off in the US years before it did in other countries? Three reasons: 1) A high percentage of US consumers have credit cards. 2) Rich ecosystem of banking... View More
May 13 2020
Prisoners on bread and water get just the minimum to stay alive. For whatever reason, their wardens won’t simply kill them, but they won’t restore them to health, either. The current way
May 6 2020
The COVID-19 crisis has significantly disrupted the normal demand patterns which dictate supply chain decisions -- across distribution, manufacturing, and raw material procurement. Since these... View More
May 4 2020
During 2019, three PARCEL Counsel columns focused on the most commonly used terms of sale for transactions within the United States: F.O.B. Origin and F.O.B. Destination. They may be found on the PARC
April 30 2020
The shipping docks are clogged with arriving containers. Warehouses are overflowing with goods that cannot be exported due to a lack of trucks and drivers. Factories are idle because the neces... View More
April 24 2020
The shipping industry is in the midst of a digital revolution, and while that has certainly changed many aspects of the field, contract negotiations are still as straightforward as ever, at le... View More
April 22 2020
How fast is fast? In the last-mile delivery world, fast can mean a huge competitive advantage (think Amazon). Alternative delivery locations are beneficial, but various studies suggest that ho... View More