Oct. 18 2021
Many things have changed in the past year, but one thing that is constant has been rising shipping costs. With today’s current market, the addition of more peak surcharges, decreased delivery perfor
Oct. 11 2021
In the current parcel market, demand heavily outweighs supply. The carriers are leveraging their temporary advantages as much as possible. So, is there really nothing to do but wait until things come... View More
Oct. 5 2021
As the summer of 2021 has seen a reduction in the COVID-19 lockdowns, what certainly has not been reduced are the capacity issues facing the parcel marketplace. While engaging with new partner... View More
Sept. 30 2021
After nearly two decades in a logistics management role at a prominent retailer, where building relationships was a major key to my success, I have changed roles. I always knew how important a... View More
Sept. 24 2021
In an era of restricted carrier capacity, ongoing changes to carrier pricing practices, and changing consumer behavior, one may wonder, is now the right time to diversify your stable of carriers? Many
Sept. 16 2021
Given the current landscape facing shippers, it has become increasingly important for shippers to recognize the new normal and a future with “perpetual peak” surcharges. This environment... View More
Sept. 3 2021
The post-COVID-19 supply chain is speeding up to satisfy the consumer who has money to spend and is quick to hit the buy button on their laptop or phone for a variety of items. Where the item... View More
Aug. 16 2021
On Friday August 13th, FedEx announced their peak season surcharges for the remainder of 2021 and into 2022. The size based surcharges will go into effect starting on October 4th, while the re... View More
Aug. 13 2021
In April, FedEx and UPS reinstated Money Back Guarantees (MBG) for on-time delivery on various express services, mainly Next Day Air and International Express packages. Generally, this was see... View More
July 28 2021
From the detailed rate tables and opaque service agreements to all the different delivery options, small parcel shipping is complex. Add to that annual general rate increases, peak season surc... View More
July 19 2021
During the onset of COVID in early 2020, UPS took many proactive steps to freeze customer discounts in the event that their rolling average dropped a portfolio tier. The rolling average was frozen at... View More
June 10 2021
In May of 2021, FedEx announced that it will be updating its fuel surcharge rate tables effective June 21, 2021. This change increases the associated rates of trigger points for FedEx Express... View More
June 4 2021
Every year, regional carriers and final-mile carriers become a bigger and more important part of many organizations’ delivery services. In the below PDF, get to know a selection of the leading playe
May 28 2021
FedEx’s and UPS's hub and spoke method might soon be a thing of the past as e-commerce growth drives last-mile deliveries closer to the customer. As described by UPS on its website, the h... View More
May 26 2021
“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein While Einstein was not describing shippers’ approach to parcel carrier sourcing,... View More
April 28 2021
The term, “A Perfect Storm” gets overused, but it would truly be the best description for the USPS in 2020. It’s no secret the organization was already struggling with debt and aging... View More
April 9 2021
In March of 2020, both UPS and FedEx suspended their money back service guarantee due to the impact from COVID-19. It was stated that the unprecedented complexities and the daily issuance of work and... View More
March 8 2021
As we approach what is hopefully the end of the COVID pandemic, UPS and FedEx continue to apply new peak surcharges in response to what they describe as ongoing capacity issues. Service Guaran... View More
Feb. 4 2021
Years ago, companies regularly negotiated exclusive shipping contracts with major carriers who handled all their parcel shipping (and some freight as well) to customers, partners, distributors... View More
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