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Ajillus, Inc. is a supplier of the most adaptable, innovative and highest payback shipping management solutions that deliver best practices shipping for manufacturers, distributors, e-businesses and third-party logistics companies of all sizes. Ajillus solutions are installed throughout North America and Europe. AjillusENTERPRISE, our flagship shipping management system, supplies comprehensive shipping functionality that can be easily and precisely tuned to fit a company's unique operational processes and business rules. It simplifies and automates the shipping process by providing pack/weigh/rate/label services, rate shopping, shipment consolidations, bill as / ship as options and electronic manifesting for parcel, LTL and international shipments. By combining premier carrier compliance with innovative capabilities, AjillusENTERPRISE creates significant labor and freight savings, enhanced customer service, greater visibility and an overall superior value for customers' shipping activities.
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