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SAP BusinessObjects Postalsoft products are scalable mail preparation tools that allow users to add functionality to meet ever changing business needs. Fully certified by the USPS as meeting all requirements of the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS), the software standardizes the casing, spelling and abbreviations for all U.S. addresses. This solution assigns accurate carrier route, five-digit, ZIP+4 and delivery point numbers and will create the postal service form 3553, correcting and completing missing address elements, including incomplete or misspelled city and street names, suffixes, directionals, apartment numbers, suite numbers, post office boxes and rural and highway routes. Additionally, the match and consolidate functionality intelligently allows identification and matching of related data elements within and across data sources. Once the records are intelligently matched, the software consolidates them for an accurate and robust view of the customer as well as facilitating the elimination of duplicate records for proper list management to the individual, firm, or household level. The presort function supports the Intelligent Mail barcode and is fully PAVE certified. SAP BusinessObjects Postalsoft products offer a real-time move update solutions as well as suppression list, DSF2 and phone append processing through our extended services offerings. Additionally, the creation of mail.dat files offers increased support for a wide variety of mailing needs. Through add-on options you can customize your solution to fit your specific needs (options available include, palletizing mail, entering mail at multiple entry points, and geocoding).
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