GrayHair Software

GrayHair Software, with core competencies in mail tracking and reporting, has been able to leverage that expertise into a portfolio of product offerings and consulting services. Its Big Data capabilities originate through its management of thousands of data points, from internal and external feeds, that enable Customer Intelligence Data or “Know Your Customer.” Clients can append that data to existing market research for a deeper view into their customer, geographies and market. It works to support fraud identification, postal and regulatory compliance, customer communications and other programs. GHS has been able to leverage all of that expertise into a portfolio of product offerings and consulting services in Location Marketing. Our solutions help to integrate the traditional with digital, providing 100% visibility into campaign performance, that results in the most effective direct marketing/omni-channel campaigns.

Our solutions have been interfaced into shipping systems to identify best mailing address and reject/secondary approval on known bad or return mail/parcel addresses. Our solutions can enhance your mailing manifest and shipping files with the proper, correct and deliverable ZIP, ZIP+4, Delivery Point and confirmed Primary house numbers meeting USPS regulations and reducing return mail/packages. Our solutions also offer international global address validation services.

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