Harvey Software Inc.

7370 College Pkwy Ste 214
Fort Myers, FL 33907
Fax: 800-613-1041

Harvey Software, a leading provider of high volume multiple carrier shipping software solutions, has been servicing some of the biggest parcel shippers in the US for over 32 years. Its complete line of Computerized Parcel System (CPS) products increases profitability by dramatically improving domestic and international shipping efficiency and reducing shipping expenses.

CPSBasics, CPSLogic and CPSLogic Enterprise greatly reduce errors, connect to in-house systems, increase business rule compliance, shop for the best rates between carrier services, employ special high volume shipping methods to maximize speed, and empower shippers with real-time decision making tools.

Harvey Software’s advanced tracking features augment carrier offerings and cut customer service costs. All this is accomplished in a single interface for multiple-carrier processing that reduces inefficiencies of single carrier software or totally web-based shipping systems. CPS products are carrier compliant for labeling and electronic uploading. Harvey Software’s CPS products are purchased, downloaded, installed, and supported all over the Internet. CPS products are very affordable and are backed with the best toll-free technical support in the industry.

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