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ShipGenie is a solution based on today's advanced technology that delivers intelligent shipping, logistics and transportation management, robust documentation generation functionality in one integrated application that can be accessed at shipping and distribution centers globally. ShipGenie delivers functionality for centralized peripheral management, asset tracking and containerization. ShipGenie can be seamlessly integrated with any ERP system, such as Oracle, AS/400, Baan and SAP and APIs provided by carriers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL. This allows ShipGenie to meet requirements for real-time rating and tracking. ShipGenie also can be integrated with other third-party applications or APIs to provide total visibility. The ShipGenie system allows shipping and logistics personnel to easily determine the most cost-effective shipping method and generate all required paperwork for carriers, domestic and international customs organizations and customer personnel who order, track and receive product shipments. Also, ShipGenie supports the easy generation of any number of custom reports and data extractions. ShipGenie software executes on a centralized server within the users network, which minimizes support costs and provides a cost-effective way to add additional shipping sites in a growing organization. ShipGenie provides access from Web portals that allows companies and their shipment recipients to use a simple Web browser at any time and from any location to obtain up-to-date tracking and delivery information regarding their orders. ShipGenie provides the basis for collaboration between all of the parties involved in the delivery of finished products to the customer. ShipGenie provides shipping users, carriers, contract manufacturers and customers with total visibility of critical shipping information. This enhanced communication throughout the supply chain enables problems to be quickly identified and solved, resulting in enhanced customer service and increased customer satisfaction.
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