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Star Receiver is an enterprise-wide, web-enabled information system for tracking inbound ("last" mile) and outbound ("first" mile) packages within organizations. It is also commonly used for Accountable InterOffice Mail and to track the movements of other assets as they move around within the organization such as travel tickets, lab equipment, PCs, and so on. Star Receiver provides customers with superior accountability, efficiency, support for process improvements, and heightened productivity. Shipping and Receiving departments who typically experience high volumes or urgency, handle high value packages, meet high customer services demands, and/or have multiple sites or a distributed campus environment will receive the greatest benefits from this system. Star Receiver includes intranet support - permitting employees to check on the status of their incoming and outgoing packages anytime, without call the receiving department. Our customers are often larger organizations, typically with multiple offices/campuses. Most of our customers receive hundreds or thousands of packages a day. The issues they are grappling with include poor service, missing packages and the need for cost reductions.
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