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Parascript Intelligent Recognition technology helps the world's largest mail processing and package shippers deliver on time and to the right address. European posts, the United States Postal Service and major corporations throughout the world use Parascript recognition products to locate and recognize both handwritten and machine-printed addresses in any type of the mail stream including: letters, flats, parcels, forwarded mail and bundles. Parascript software solutions process over 250 million documents daily and provide annual cost savings of over $1 billion to Global 2000 companies and government agencies.

Products and Services:

Address Finalization: Parascript is revolutionizing the way mail centers process and expedite incoming, outgoing and office mail. The company's suite of Intelligent Recognition software reads any combination of text and translates the data into computer-readable information.
Parascript® AddressScript®, a universal OCR solution available for Canada, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and the United States, cross-validates data against postal databases, ensuring the highest accuracy and deliverability. AddressScript surpasses all other available OCR engines in read rates and accuracy, reads both handwritten and machine-printed text and recognizes addresses across the entire mail stream, including letters, flats and parcels. AddressScript meets USPS/Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certification standards and is used in mail sorting operations to enable postage discounts.

Parascript® AddressParcel®
recognizes destination addresses on parcels of all shapes, sizes and quality, allowing postal and shipping agencies to read greater volumes of parcels with the highest read rates and accuracy in the industry. Automating the parcel portion of the mail stream makes it possible for mailing companies to process greater volumes of mail more accurately, reducing manual data entry costs.

Parascript® AddressSelect
is a high-performance address validation engine that reduces incorrect address entries so postage discounts and compliance with USPS guidelines are realized. Commercial shipping, mail firms and pre-sort vendors depend on correct letter and package addresses for mailing discounts. AddressSelect enables integrators and Multi-Line Optical Character Recognition (MLOCR) transport vendors with accurate address validation against the United States Postal Service (USPS) database.

Parascript® InMailRouter®
automates 'reading' and sorting of incoming mail including letters, postcards and flats, enabling companies of any size to significantly improve the bottom-line by reducing labor costs while increasing sorting and delivery efficiencies. With the highest read rates and accuracy, InMailRouter recognizes handwritten or machine-printed mailpieces and cross validates data against user-specified databases. It also analyzes secondary address fields, resolving ambiguous or incorrect addresses.
Why Choose Our Company: Parascript Intelligent Recognition solutions are proven in Global 2000 organizations such as: Bowe Bell & Howell, Elsag, Lockheed Martin, NCR, Siemens, Unisys and the U.S. Postal Service. No other recognition technology on the market comes close to Parascript in performance capabilities for speed, accuracy and bottom-line results.
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