GBI Data & Sorting Systems

1143 W Newport Center Drive
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
Fax: 954-596-5015
GBI is a systems engineering firm that designs, manufactures and installs complete Turnkey Sortation & Conveyor Solutions. Our systems are designed to handle products ranging from small lightweight polybags to larger products weighing over 100 pounds (46 kg). These systems offer a rapid return on investment due to decreased labor costs and increased accuracy when utilized to automate order fulfillment, returns processing, loose receipts or ZIP code sorting.GBI's Systems Include: High-Speed Parcel & Item Tilt Tray Sorters, Cross Belt Mail/Parcel Sorters, Hanging Garment Sorters, Bomb Bay (Carrier-Style) Sorters, Paperless Pick/Put-to-Light Systems, Software and Controls. Many options are available, and GBI will customize the system and software controls to best suit your application.
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