Cosveyor, Inc

2630 Kaneville Ct.
Geneva, IL 60134
Fax: 630-859-0525
Cosveyor, Inc. proudly manufactures accumulating wheel and roller conveyors, successfully in use today on a variety of applications. Cosveyor Accumulating Wheel conveyor is the most robust, low-maintenance design available in accumulating applications. COS AW features axle reinforcing channels, 100 lb. capacity skate wheels, higher belt pull and weights up to 75 pounds per foot moving at speeds up to 300 hundred feet per minute - all making this conveyor ideal for impact loading applications, such as high-speed pick lines. COS AW is the perfect solution for grocery, cigarette and beverage distribution as well as any application where box sizes are similar and accumulation is needed. Cosveyor Accumulating Roller conveyor is a belt driven live roller using air technology requiring only 15 PSI operating air pressure. This heavy-duty conveyor is built for lifelong conveying service. COS AR is a durable and reliable accumulator capable of neatly handling a broad range of product from 1 to 100 pounds per foot in 30
2745.49 mi