Cost Cutting Consultant Inc

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Cost Cutting Consultant, Inc., saves money for companies that regularly use shipping services such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, Canada Post, LTL, TL, Rail, Air, or Ocean Freight. I If you are a e-commerce website, wholesaler, distributor, or warehouse dealing in electronics, toys, pharmaceuticals, office supplies, medical supplies, gift packages, printing, car parts, or any similar item Cost Cutting Consultant can help you. On the company's behalf, one of our analysts will audit invoices for late shipments, and look for errors in billing rates, which make the company eligible for credits. Our analyst will then file a credit request with the shipping carrier and arrange reimbursement. Many companies don't have time to deal with their invoices or don't have the software necessary to go through hundreds of invoices at once. This is where we come in. At Cost Cutting Consulting, we only get compensated on a contingency basis
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