Cass Information Systems, Inc.

13001 Hollenberg Drive
Bridgeton, MO 63044
Fax: 314-506-5840
Cass is the nation's oldest and largest provider of freight bill payment, audit and rating services. Cass Parcel Services is a full-service offering that includes parcel shipment auditing, general ledger coding - down to the package level if necessary, carrier payment, and highly flexible analysis and reporting. By using Cass, costs can be controlled, efficiency improved, and value maximized. Cass Parcel Services provides you the ability to quickly and easily monitor and control costs associated with parcel carriers. For each shipment, charges and service levels can be audited against agreed-upon rates and terms. Additionally, accessorial charge errors can be identified, and reimbursement claims automatically filed. See the full potential that Cass Parcel Services represents to your company. Call today to arrange a test audit of your parcel data.
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