Transportation Impact, LLC

8002 B Emerald Dr
Emerald Isle, NC 28594
Fax: 252-354-5155
Transportation Impact specializes in contract benchmarking, distribution analysis and carrier negotiations. We help companies negotiate world-class and market-competitive contracts with small parcel carriers. Transportation Impact shows how to save money, obtain better discounts and find hidden areas of opportunity where cost savings are overlooked. Transportation Impact draws its insight, knowledge and information from a staff composed largely of former senior sales and pricing managers from UPS and FedEx. Transportation Impact was formed to provide a much needed service in today's competitive environment of small parcel shipping. The small parcel industry has evolved dramatically over the recent years and parcel contracts by FedEx, UPS and others have become increasing dynamic as a result. There are no hidden fees or upfront costs. Simply put: if we do not reduce cost, we do not get paid. It is definitely a "win-win." From the ever-escalating and often obscure surcharges to discounts based on difficult-to-reach revenue tiers or bands, parcel transportation expense is an area that represents a savings opportunity. The staff at Transportation Impact has more than 165 years of transportation industry experience (UPS and FedEx) negotiating contracts on behalf of carriers so we know what our potential clients are facing and more importantly how much they may save. We have references that can validate positive results which represent savings ranging from 15%-25%.
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