Interlink Technologies

Warehouse Link® Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) utilizes bar code and mobile computing technology to empower warehouse managers with information they need to make good decisions for increased productivity and profits. Warehouse Link® includes advanced WMS functionality such as:
• Automatic cycle counts which eliminate physical inventory counts
• Dynamic slotting to free up valuable warehouse space
• Just-in-time process to minimize the time inventory spends in the warehouse
• Flexibility to set up temporary locations and mix locations
• Real-time information to see what is happening in the warehouse at that very moment in time to optimize and reduce labor needs
• System directed commands to simplify tasks and use time wisely
• Audit trails that track every detail about the product – what, when, where, who did it
• Comprehensive tracking including lot/batch/serial numbers, expiration dates, production dates, receive dates, shipping dates and details
• Scalability to support small single warehouses or multiple warehouses
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