NEW ORLEANS, LA, MAY 9, 2013 — In response to the changing face of the industry, the Messenger Courier Association of America (MCAA) has updated its brand to become the Customized Logistics & Delivery Association (CLDA). The rebranding effort was announced today by CLDA president, Rob Johnstone at the association's annual meeting in New Orleans.

    "The name change comes as part of an overall rebranding effort to better reflect what our members do," says Johnstone. "Several years ago, the MCAA board began wrestling with the issue of our name. Some felt the •messenger' and •courier' terms no long fit. The words restricted customers' views of what the association's members could deliver. While the name served us well for the first 25 years of the organization, it does not tell the story of what our members do today. Our members still provide on-demand, same-day deliveries, but many have added services like logistical support, distribution, warehousing, and inventory management to their traditional courier duties. They are critical contributors to the global supply chain, going well beyond their courier roots to meet their customers' changing needs."

    The name change is part of a multi-year effort to rebrand the organization to better express what the marketplace demands of its members. The association did original research to get a true picture of what their customers wanted from their members today and tomorrow. The results of that research helped them learn about customers' perceptions of CLDA members; what customers would like to hear to better understand their importance in the global supply chain and what the association and its member need to communicate to improve customers' perception and use of its members. "It brought the voice of the customer in to help us build the new brand and the resulting name," says Johnstone. "In January we presented the new name and rebranding effort to the board and they enthusiastically endorsed it. I am proud to call myself the first president of the new Customized Logistics & Delivery Association — CLDA." 

    About CLDA
    The Customized Logistics & Delivery Association (formerly the MCAA) is the voice of its industry. Its members deliver cost-effective, flexible and efficient delivery solutions and logistical support throughout North America and the world. CLDA is the largest trade association in the industry. Its members provide customized time-critical and last-mile deliveries to both expediters and shippers. Since 1987, the association and its processor - MCAA, have promoted and advanced the professionalism of the customized logistics and delivery industry through networking, education and advocacy. For more information see and .