Windsor, ON. The City of Windsor and the University of Windsor announced the appointment of Laurie Tannous as the new CEO for the Institute of Border Logistics and Security (IBLS).

Tannous is currently the Vice President of Government and Industry Relations at Farrow, and will continue to maintain her responsibilities with the company. She brings over 10 years of Canadian trade and immigration law experience to the IBLS, following seven years with the Canada Border Services Agency as a customs and immigration officer.

“The IBLS will champion the activities that combine the need for the movement of goods and people while maintaining compliance and security,” says Tannous. “We will put into action the results of border security and logistics research taking place at UWindsor’s Cross-Border Institute (CBI) and will support regional businesses by referring border issues and challenges raised by the business community to the CBI for research and consultation.”

The IBLS is a joint venture between the City of Windsor, the University of Windsor and the Federal Government that aims to make Windsor a world-class cargo hub. The $20-million institute will include a facility at the Windsor International Airport aimed at providing real-world testing for new technologies in the logistics sector, while working with small and medium-sized companies to develop and implement best practices and technology for secure cross-border supply chain operations.

“This announcement makes us very happy, both for Farrow but also for the City of Windsor.” said Randy Motley, President of Farrow. “Farrow is a leading company in the import and export industry, and this appointment will open more doors and opportunities for our customers. Laurie’s insight will be invaluable for this role, and we’re excited to see her prosper.”

Tannous is also the National Director for the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB) and will continue with that duty until 2016.