Green Mountain Technology

Parcel Spend Management solution
Green Mountain Technology (GMT) partners with the world’s largest parcel shippers to plan, execute and monitor high volume parcel networks. Our Parcel Spend Management (PSM) solution simplifies network complexity, drives increased profitability, and enhances the customer shipping experience through a suite of tech-enabled services. It starts with our best in class parcel audit and invoice automation, then leverages that, and other customer data, for advanced analytics, optimization, and ongoing network improvement and contract management projects. Our customers represent more than $4 billion in parcel spend and typically experience 5-10X return, net of our fees. Our outcomes are proven by numerous customer honors including QVC's Supply Chain Partner of the Year and Office Depot's Partnership Award.

Deep Parcel Expertise
GMT specializes in parcel – in fact, it’s all we do. With parcel volumes and associated costs steadily increasing, to remain competitive, companies are required to take a deeper dive into their parcel networks. Most shippers don’t have the time or resources for this, and for many it remains a costly missed opportunity.

GMT extends our customers’ technology, resource bandwidth, and expertise so they can move from macro to micro management of their parcel networks. GMT establishes an ongoing partnership with our customers. Their goals and objectives become our shared accomplishments. Their success is our priority. We’ve engineered a business process and proprietary technology to give you every resource needed to plan, execute and monitor your parcel network at the highest level.

Why the Largest Parcel Shippers are Choosing GMT
GMT’s solution addresses the greatest needs and challenges of high volume shippers. Our solution exponentially expands your resources and bandwidth by providing a big data platform, parcel expertise and a unique market view which results in improved outcomes. No other company possesses the superior, foundational technology needed for deep analysis or the unique business model enabling a strategic engagement with dedicated parcel experts. Because we work exclusively with the largest parcel shippers in the U.S., we are able to identify patterns and trends to keep you on the cutting edge of best in class parcel network execution.

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