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Global Intelligence for Smarter Parcel Management

In today’s interconnected and rapidly shrinking world, customers expect service and delivery that is slick and seamless.

But, shipping can be a headache. You have to deal with lost packages, hidden fees, and complex processes and paperwork. There’s a lot that can go wrong – especially when you go global.

Melissa Global Intelligence can help mailers and shippers tackle some of the problems associated with international fulfilment and delivery.

Global Address Verification and Autocomplete
Our global address Cloud APIs and plugins for popular platforms like®, Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, Magento®, Shopware® and more help you get the perfect address in real-time as an order is placed. We support addresses in 240+ countries and territories and non-Latin character sets and writing systems including Hebrew, Arabic, Kanji, Simplified Chinese, Hangul, Thai, Hellenic, and Cyrillic. Our address autocompletion solution is easy to integrate into forms, CRM, and ERP systems to decrease cart abandonment, decrease data entry time, and ensure addresses are entered quickly and accurately. Having an accurate billing and shipping address helps reduce address correction fees, delayed shipments – and most of all, customer dissatisfaction with late deliveries.

Shipping Rates Management
Customers expect straightforward and competitive shipping costs and delivery times – or you risk a high percentage of abandoned carts. Melissa’s Decimal shipping calculator helps you provide customers with the best rate and delivery options, while managing shipping and cost margins to reduce expenses by 20% or more. Provide real-time calculations using USPS®, UPS®, FedEx®, DHL®, and other carriers, manage in-cart box predictions, increase warehouse efficiency, and facilitate batch shipping with minimum human interaction. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Simplifying the Complex

Don’t let operational challenges keep you from reaching potential customers in global markets. Partnering with an experienced data quality provider can help you handle the complexities of international shipping and help ensure a successful move into the international market. Are you ready?

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