Sept. 13 2017
Globalization, final mile, and achieving efficiency through fulfillment best practices are all planned as discussion topics for this year’s PARCEL Forum as part of our contribution to the annu... View More
Sept. 12 2017
The world is getting smaller by the day, but the delivery of international e-commerce orders still has its challenges. We have seen the delivery expectations in the US go from seven to 10 days d... View More
April 14 2017
On June 29, 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU in what has become known as Brexit. This historic event has created great uncertainty across European markets. The timeline that the British Prime... View More
April 12 2017
Today, the explosive growth of e-commerce and rapid advances in shipping and logistics has spurred even the smallest companies to reach and engage customers abroad. According to the Internationa... View More
March 9 2017
In transportation, the role of the freight forwarder is to ensure that internationally traded goods move from point of origin to point of destination — and arrive at the right place, at the right... View More
Ipad calc
July 18 2016
ARLINGTON, Va.; July 7, 2016 – The right delivery partners and easy website navigation with multiple shipping options are critical success factors for eTailers as nearly two-thirds of digitall... View More
global addressing
June 22 2016
When a parcel is not delivered, the first person to be blamed is often the last person in the process: the shipper. The reason for delivery failure is often a poor quality address. These costly mistak
global logistics
June 20 2016
The concept of international shipping — and cross-border trade in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business environments — has been a vexing issue for merchants and shippers in gene
June 8 2016
Asia-Pacific has long been a major destination for multi-national businesses as supply chains have globalized and demand from Western countries for Asian exports has increased. As the region shi... View More
May 31 2016
E-commerce made it a breeze for a shopper to buy something from the other side of the US, and now retailers and delivery companies are making it just as easy for shoppers to buy something on th... View More
May 24 2016
In the UK alone, the online retail channel accounts for in the region of 12 per cent of all consumer spending and, incredibly, it is forecast to reach 40 per cent in the not too distant future... View More
Oct. 26 2015
The world's supply chain has largely been manufactured and shipped from China as the supply chain has grown exponentially over the last couple of decades.China surpassed the USA last year to be... View More
March 30 2009
Whether you’re a startup exploring growth options or a well-established business seeking to expand, the international market—particularly Europe—presents an excellent opportunity. Evaluating... View More
March 24 2009
Being a confident small business owner in today’s economy isn’t easy, at least according to the February 2009 Discover Small Business Watch. Not surprisingly, the survey found 64% of U.S. small... View More
May 30 2008
Everyone knows theres an East-West trade imbalance, and if you dont, well, you probably havent been paying attention. But the more pressing question is: how long is it going to last? Well, that depends... View More
Jan. 14 2008
When considering the global trade environment in 2008 there are a number potential issues looming that can disrupt global supply chains, sourcing strategies, and the flow of working capital. If not properly... View More
Oct. 25 2007
Asia and the Middle East are booming, and trade is increasingly focused on shipping to and from Asia. This poses challenges for both shippers and carriers in every corner of the globe. Shippers need to... View More
Feb. 20 2007
Manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment will continue to face additional environmental restrictions as 2007 progresses. While the European Union and South Korea are due to enact new... View More
Feb. 18 2007
Editors Note: After the untimely passing of regular contributor William Augello in late 2006, the regular Ask Augello column was discontinued. However, beginning with the May issue of PARCEL, we will be... View More
Oct. 31 2006
ATLANTA, GA Shipping between the United States and China in 2005 grew at a faster pace than between the U.S. and all world markets, with a dramatic widening of the trade imbalance between the two countries,... View More