Boston Strategies International set the bar for excellence in supply chain management by authoring the definitive Guide to Supply Chain Management, which was published by The Economist. Is your operation world-class? Find out by participating in the 2009 Annual Supply Chain Excellence Awards.

Last year the award process netted over 500 entries from companies worldwide and resulted in five winners, and this year there are more opportunities to win! There are three categories: Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals, Process Industries, and General Industry.

• Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals includes Oil, Natural Gas, and related industries such as Oil Extraction, Lubricants;` Plastics; Refining; and other Petrochemical Manufacturing. It excludes Products and Services that are made primarily or exclusively to support these industries such as Pipeline Compressors -- these products all fall under General Industry (see below).
• Process Industries (non-petroleum-related) includes continuous production industries, such as Agribulks; Alloying; Basic Chemical Production; Cable; Drawing; Extrusion; Gas and Electric Utilities; Industrial Gases; Milling; Mining; Power Generation; Primary Metals Production; Pulp Paper and Packaging; Quarrying; Smelting; Water Treatment.
• General Industry includes discrete or batch production, such as Component Manufacturing; Electrical Equipment and Systems; Electronics; Filtration Equipment; Instrumentation; Metals Manufacturing; Power Transmission; Pumps; Stamping; Tool Manufacture; and Turbines. Includes Products and Services that are made primarily or exclusively to support the Oil and Gas industry such as Pipeline Compressors. 

Each category will have four winners, based on their demonstrated supply chain processes and performance on four dimensions: cost leadership, reliability, customer satisfaction, and innovation. Rationalization is aimed at controlling operating costs. Synchronization is aimed at balancing supply with demand. Customization intends to enhance the customer interface. And Innovation is focused on attaining rapid new product development and introduction. This makes a total of 12 possible awards! 

The top winners will be invited to receive their awards at a ceremony in Bahrain in November. All company-specific information will remain confidential. It is used only in the aggregate in a feedback document that will be distributed to all candidates. 

Click here to apply for the 2009 Supply Chain Awards.