The Washington Post has notes that "The Affordable Mail Alliance, a new coalition representing more than 100 businesses and nonprofits opposed to price hikes, said it will tell regulators that USPS should make deeper cuts before raising rates. Tony Conway, an alliance spokesman, said the Postal Service's delivery network "is a system that's built to handle about 300 billion pieces of mail and they've got about 170 billion and it's set to decrease. It's basically twice as big as it needs to be. It's that excess capacity and costs that are creating the need in their minds to do this. The price hike is part of a far-reaching package of proposed reforms sought by the Postal Service to close an anticipated nine-figure budget gap in the next decade. Officials want Congress to end required prepayments for retiree health benefits and want to end mail deliveries on Saturdays. But reform efforts are complicated this year by the midterm elections and other economic concerns." Read the full story here.