CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, September 14, 2010 – Today Inova Solutions announced its digital Power over Ethernet clocks are shipping with environmentally-friendly packaging. Foam inserts protect the clocks during shipping and a pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope allows customers to mail the inserts back to Inova Solutions for reuse and recycling. The new recycling program comes at no cost to customers and is one of several steps Inova has taken to “go green.”

New recycling program complements innovative network clocks
Inova OnTime™ clocks use Power over Ethernet technology, which draws power and data from an organization’s network and keeps time synchronized across facilities. The clocks are extremely energy efficient and offer significant time and installation cost savings. The newly implemented recycling program adds another element of sustainability to an already “green” product.

“When reevaluating our packaging and shipping options this quarter, we made it a priority to find recyclable packaging for Inova OnTime clocks that would provide as much security during shipping as a non-recyclable product,” said Pete Sisti, CEO of Inova Solutions. “Our customers are mindful of the environment and we are excited to offer them the ability to easily send back the foam inserts and help us in our recycling efforts.”

The new inserts are LDPE-based (Low Density Polyethylene) and will be recycled by Inova Solutions, since LDPE-based products are not labeled for consumer recycling. LDPE is a thermoplastic that is both flexible and tough. School clocks and hospital clocks are two of Inova Solutions’ most popular markets and these two industries have traditionally placed great importance on recycling. Inova anticipates a high rate of participation from customers in the new recycling program.

About Inova Solutions
Inova Solutions is a leading provider of real-time visual reporting technology that fosters instant awareness and drives informed action. Schools, hospitals and other businesses utilize Inova’s Power over Ethernet clocks to display synchronized time across the organization and keep things running smoothly. For more information, visit