Gather Technology--The American postal system has left much to be desired. No matter what service we use or what company we use, there is always something that could be done better. The main problem is the tracking system of the mail. With all the different types of stamped packages being sent across the country, the senders and receivers usually like to keep up with the progress of the mail. With the current tracking system, not all packages can be located immediately, either they aren't registered into the system because of what type they are or they haven't been carefully marked like they should be. According to Yanko Design, a new idea could greatly improve not only the United states Postal service, but also those the whole world over. Called the G.P. Stamp the device is a self-sustaining tracking device that can be tracked anywhere at any time. the G.P. Stamp is a stamp that is integrated with a GPS chip with it's own battery that can be fixed to any letter or package during it's delivery. The stamp is registered to a system that enables the concerned party to keep track of the progress of the expected mail. With this type of technology, it will be easier to watch over all the mail in transient. Alerts to both the postal service and the recipient and/or sender can be sent if there are any complications. Read more!