Liberty Packaging announces an environmental focus to the content of it's newly redesigned website. Manufacturers' concerns about the environmental effects of materials and packaging waste are addressed by Liberty, including video on this new site.

The safety of our world's environment is of utmost importance today. Packaging is rightfully in the forefront of consideration within the discussion of air quality, water quality, and landfills. Following this trend, Liberty Packaging Co.•s redesigned web site dedicates significant discussion to the establishment, by individual manufacturers, of a good global citizen policy. Liberty is an active industrial protective packaging supplier for such industries as medical equipment, telecommunications and computer equipment, aerospace parts, automotive parts, electronic components, and packing and crating.

Sales and Marketing Vice President Joe Spitz stated: "Industrial packaging may not be as scrutinized, as complex, and as enormous as that of the consumer market, but using more harmful materials will still have a negative effect. In the industrial market, items being shipped are typically larger in scale, consequently there is great deal of packaging being used. Unless a recycling program is in place, packaging refuse can quickly fill a dumpster. That trash goes to a landfill, never to break down or even worse, to volatize into our air and end up in our water supply."

Spitz added, "An experienced packaging engineer once told me it makes no sense to take our trash and send it across the globe." That sensibility is a reason Liberty has dedicated a large portion of our web site to environmental concerns."

The web site features:
A video entitled: "Meet the (Intercept) Inventor; A Bell Labs Packaging Philosophy" in the "Intercept in Action" multi-media section. The new environmental page includes snippets from a Bell Labs white paper on reliability and packaging, as well as environmental statements for Intercept Technology products. The Materials/Product page includes an environmental grade for each Intercept product.

Liberty Packaging Co., Inc. is a woman owned business representing the Intercept Technology line of packaging products on the East Coast, United States.