(UPM RFID, Tampere, 12 April 2011) – NXP Semiconductors N.V. (Nasdaq: NXPI), a global semiconductor company headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and UPM RFID, a leading manufacturer and designer of passive HF and UHF radio frequency identification tags and inlays, today announced collaboration to provide easier access to near field communication (NFC) tags for use in a variety of mobile applications. As part of this agreement, NXP will provide the NFC ICs and UPM RFID will design and manufacture the NFC tags and inlays.

NFC tags are an essential component in any NFC-based system, typically containing information that can be accessed by an NFC enabled device. Data can be easily written to and stored in these tags, which are used in a variety of applications such as peer-to-peer data exchange (e.g. business cards), location-based advertisements, loyalty programs and discount coupons.

UPM RFID has several NFC tag products based on NXP technology, including UPM BullsEye™, UPM RaceTrack™ and UPM MiniTrack™. UPM RFID also provides smaller form factor products – UPM Circus™ and UPM MiniBlock™ – for use in new NFC application areas, such as loyalty key-chains and item-embedded smart tags. NFC tags are now available for purchase from UPM RFID partners and online stores worldwide.

NFC is a technology co-invented by NXP. NXP co-founded the NFC Forum to lead collaboration with all industry stakeholders and help standardize the technology. Ranked as the No.1 contactless IC vendor by ABI Research for three years running, NXP is the global leader in NFC solutions, field-proven in over 150 NFC trials and landmark commercial deployments worldwide. NXP offers both the chipsets for NFC cell phones and the ICs for NFC tags.

“In order to successfully develop the NFC ecosystem, we need to ensure that access to NFC tags is hassle free. We’re therefore pleased to be working closely with UPM RFID to deliver on this promise to the market,” said Chris Feige, General Manager, Tagging and Authentication Business, NXP Semiconductors. “Their expertise in high-volume tag production combined with our focus on NFC tag technology will truly enable the development of innovative and creative implementations of near field communication.”

“UPM RFID is already a well-established NFC tag manufacturer and focused on exploring new technologies and applications for tags and inlays. Our extended collaboration with NXP to roll out high-volume NFC tags is clearly in line with this strategy,” says Marcus Vaenerberg, Senior Vice President, UPM RFID. “To better support growing demand for easy access NFC tags, we’re also creating a global network of partners who provide web-based online printing services for customized NFC tags. Ordering NFC tags will soon be as easy as ordering any other office supplies via the web.”