Dynamic storage systems from Kardex Remstar can solve warehouse overcrowding for organizations. Warehouses become overcrowded when organizations experience rapid growth, slow sales cycles or seasonal trends. An overcrowded warehouse makes doing business difficult and can have a serious negative impact on an organization’s productivity, ergonomics, accuracy, warehousing costs and inventory control.

Using vertical storage technology such as vertical lift modules or vertical carousels provides true floor to ceiling storage, maximizing warehouse space. When replacing standard shelving with vertical storage technologies organizations can recover up to 85% of occupied floor space and eliminate warehouse overcrowding.

The use of vertical storage technology can also eliminate the need for offsite storage facilities, additional warehouses and parking lot storage containers; reducing overall storage and material handling costs. 

With a variety of vertical storage technologies on the market today there is a solution to meet your needs. From the affordable entry level Element VLM, to the safe and secure Megamat RS vertical carousel to the Shuttle VLM for increased productivity and inventory control; Kardex Remstar can offer a cost justifiable solution for warehouse overcrowding.

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