CSCMP--Agile TV Productions, a subsidiary of AGiLE Business Media, LLC, publisher of CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly and DC Velocity, is pleased to bring you the premiere episode of Move it!, a new online television series highlighting the people, technologies, equipment, and strategies that are instrumental in keeping the nation's supply chain running smoothly.

Starring Emmyâ® Award winner Steve Thomas, former host of PBS's "This Old House," Move it! is now available for viewing at

Have you ever wondered how the stuff you use every day gets to you? Move It! will answer that question for logistics and supply chain professionals, as well as those outside the business.

The premiere episode of Move It! showcases transportation and distribution operations at the Port of Virginia, the consumer products companies Amway and iHerb, and a brand-new Old Dominion Freight Line trucking terminal. Watch it now!