Nov. 19 2012 07:50 PM

    The experts at Shipware ( compared UPS and FedEx published rates for Air/Express services. For key weight range of 1-30 Lbs, UPS is cheaper as follows:

    Average Net Differential for Key 1-30 Lbs Range (UPS v FedEx)                   UPS Lower By:
    Next Day Air v Priority                                                                                        3.06%
    NDA Saver v Standard Overnight                                                                         2.01%
    2DA AM v 2 Day AM                                                                                          3.02%
    2DA v 2 Day                                                                                                      3.14%
    3DA v Express Saver                                                                                         13.99%
    You can read the full release detailing the rate increases here.