Engineering Innovation, Inc. (Eii) is a market leader in the development of workflow automation equipment and solutions for rapid package processing. Eii’s hardware and software systems enable clients to enhance effectiveness while reducing shipping and operational expense. Our portfolio of Eii solutions includes products for letters, flats, and parcels.

Our newest product, the EZ-WorkDesk, is a low entry cost machine that includes OCR technology for rapid IMb/IMpb production, configurable Wide Area Bar Code Reader to capture barcodes, single and two-sided label technology, and a dimensioning feature to read length, width, and height. The EZ-WorkDesk integrates data conversion tools to capture information from multiple platforms and warehouse management system environments to generate shipping labels on demand.
In addition to being feature-laden, the EZ-WorkDesk offers elegant simplicity as a parcel processing solution. The EZ-WorkDesk is designed to scan the address block and barcodes of a package, capture its weight and dimensions, then communicate the results to your business logic. Software immediately interprets package data for labeling, routing, postal documentation, and customer billing. Once the piece information is processed, a label is printed, featuring the IMpb (Intelligent Mail Package Barcode).

The EZ-Flats, our signature product, offers a solution for obtaining automation postage discounts from the USPS in the most efficient way. EZ-Parcels builds on EZ-Flats to offer an automated package induction machine that integrates EZ-Confirm, Eii’s web-based delivery confirmation software, dimensioning, a conveyor system and automated label applicator, and optional barcode verifiers. Additionally, the EZ-Parcels can function as a scan, print, apply (or SPA) application, which cater to fulfillment, consolidators, mailers, return package processors, and shippers. As a SPA application, the EZ-Parcels reads a barcode that contains a piece ID from a warehouse management system, and then passes this information to a customer-supplied business logic engine. That engine uses the piece ID to determine which carrier will be used to ship the piece and returns a label form to be printed and routing information or the carrier.

Discover how Eii’s products integrate and work together in the Eii One MailRoom. Eii’s flexible modular approach affords growth opportunities through solutions from enhanced manual workstations to fully automated OCR/Barcode/Sorting equipment. For jobs with multiple mail streams, multiple mail types, and multiple customers, the Eii One MailRoom offers a solution with One Touch.