CHICAGO – (Jan. 20, 2015) – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) final rule on lithium batteries (HM-224F) represents a significant change for shipping lithium batteries by land, sea and air in the U.S. Logistics and shipping professionals, warehouse managers and purchasers will be required to train employees and update shipping procedures to meet the Feb. 6 mandatory compliance date.

Labelmaster, a leading provider of solutions for hazardous material transport compliance, offers a comprehensive line of resources designed to help businesses adapt operations to the new requirements. 

“The new regulation will affect a wide range of companies and industries and could make shipping lithium batteries a complicated task for many,” said Bob Richard, vice president of regulatory affairs for Labelmaster. “Thousands of lithium battery shipments occur every day for use in everything from notebook computers and tablets to cameras, medical devises, cell phones, power tools and electric cars. Not adhering to these new regulations can result in shipment delays, returns or even fines.”

The products and services available from Labelmaster designed to simplify the shipping of lithium batteries in compliance with the final rule on lithium batteries include: 

• Software – Lithium Battery Advisor is the first tool of its kind developed to manage and simplify the complicated process of shipping lithium batteries by air. Also available is ShipMate® Battery Shipping Training that satisfies DOT general awareness and safety, HIM security awareness and lithium battery transportation training requirements.

• Labels – Hazmat labels include lithium battery handling labels, battery markings and proper shipping names. New labels developed as a result of the final rule on lithium batteries include lithium battery peel away documents and lithium battery damaged/defective labels.

• Packaging – Labelmaster’s full line of lithium battery packaging includes boxes, crates, mailers, electronics packaging, and Anti-Static Bubble Wrap® bags and cushioning. Labelmaster offers the UN-tested and Procedure 1A-compliant packaging options needed to ship batteries legally and safely. 

• Forms – Lithium Battery Shipping Paper Tabs instantly bring attention to special handling instruction noted on hazmat shipping forms. Straight Bill of Lading Forms, available in laser printer, snap-out and pin-feed formats, include space for the UN/ID number, shipper’s name, class/division and packing group.

• Early 49 CFR – Labelmaster’s Early 49 CFR book covers up-to-date domestic regulations for the shipping and transport of dangerous goods six months prior to release of the government 49 CFR. This exclusive resource includes requirements for markings, labels, placards, shipping papers, training, emergency response and packaging standards for hazmat transportation via highway, rail, air and water.

• Consultation – Labelmaster’s consultant team helps businesses large and small with customized solutions for all of their unique dangerous goods shipping needs, keeping companies ahead of the dynamic and frequent changes to hazardous materials regulations. 

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