Feb. 26 2016 07:27 PM

LEHI, UT—ShipCaddie Solutions, LLC has launched the beta version of ShipCaddie, a next-generation transportation management system (TMS). The web-based shipping platform helps e-tailers manage small parcel shipments while providing enhanced analytics to assist operational decision making. Shaun Rothwell, Founder and CEO, says the platform will redefine the standard for TMS platforms.

“ShipCaddie is the result of an extensive R&D process that involved deep analyses of other major platforms, analyzing their strengths and—more importantly—their weaknesses,” says Rothwell.

The ShipCaddie beta release marks an expansion of data-driven decision making, according to Rothwell, and pioneers a platform that will give users everything they want out of a TMS and none of the things they don’t want. “We spent a lot of time focus grouping users of those platforms, and we’ve come up with a solution that provides not just the features shippers crave, but a user experience that will offer something totally unique,” says Rothwell.

Other than sending and tracking shipments, ShipCaddie’s purpose is to act as an efficiency and cost-reduction mechanism by providing users with real-time business intelligence. This includes greater cost transparency and granular-level data not seen in other platforms but are nevertheless sorely missed, according to focus group results.

“We’re obviously very excited to begin beta testing,” says Rothwell, “But we’re more excited for our focus group members to see some of their great ideas come to fruition and to continue improving what I think will be recognized as one of the best TMS platforms out there.”

ShipCaddie beta testing is expected to last three months before full product launch. Prospective beta testers may sign up by visiting http://shipcaddie.com.

ShipCaddie Solutions, LLC is an operating partner of iDrive Logistics, a supply chain management and consulting company based in Lehi, Utah.