CHICAGO –– Recent changes in lithium battery shipping regulations now require the use of both handling labels and documentation on many packages carrying lithium batteries.

To simplify meeting these shipping requirements, Labelmaster now offers a combo 2-in-1 handling label and document label for packages carrying lithium ion or lithium metal batteries. These two regulatory compliant labels are printed as a single unit to ensure both the handling label and document are affixed to the shipping carton as required.

The combo labels were developed to satisfy both HMR* and ICAO TI** requirements for shipping lithium batteries.

“Whether shipped by UPS, FedEx or USPS, combining a handling and documentation label for lithium battery shipments provides value to shippers by making it easier to comply with lithium battery regulations,” said Tom Chekel, product engineer with Labelmaster. “Logistics professionals will no longer need to buy two separate products to meet regulations.”

The handling label and the document are separated by a perforation so the document can be easily detached if necessary. The label is backed with a "low-tack" adhesive that enables either label to be detached from cartons with minimal to no corrugated fiber tear.

These direct thermal paper labels are available in both standard and personalized versions and are sold in rolls of 500. For personalized versions, space is provided to personalize the label with battery type and contact information while the document label contains space to add contact information.

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*Hazardous Materials Regulations

**International Civil Aviation Organization Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (ICAO TI)