Austin, TX (6.13.17) - ShippingEasy, an innovative provider of the leading cloud-based solutions for e-commerce sellers of all sizes, has launched a Customer Management solution that allows online sellers to design campaigns and foster relationships that lead to repeat purchases. This new offering, coupled with its previously launched Inventory Management solution, continues ShippingEasy’s strategic evolution to an end-to-end platform.

“ShippingEasy’s Customer Management solution enables online sellers to know more to sell more by managing and understanding every customer interaction,” said Katie May, ShippingEasy’s CEO. “With built-in CRM and marketing tools, our Customer Management solution provides e-commerce sellers of any size valuable information on customer purchase history and buying preferences in order to drive increased sales.”

The new Customer Management solution offers e-commerce sellers the ability to:

- Tap customizable email marketing templates

- Create and track email campaigns

- View comprehensive campaign reporting and dashboard

- Consolidate customers across all selling channels

- View customer purchase history

- Segment customers by purchase habits

- Tag customers based on commonalities

- Add customer notes and track issues

Email Marketing Campaigns

The new Customer Management solution provides comprehensive campaign management tools with pre-loaded and customizable templates, list segmentation, open rates and success tracking in real time.

Multi-Channel Customer Management and Segmentation

Every customer purchase and interaction is in a single system. ShippingEasy’s Customer Management solution allows online sellers to understand shopping behavior and leverage that data to sell more across all channels. The solution allows customer orders to be segmented by total order value, purchase frequency, geography, and more.

Customer History

ShippingEasy’s Customer Management solution allows e-commerce sellers to organize, respond, and provide support faster and more efficiently. Online sellers are armed with buyer order history and purchasing trends which helps answer questions, resolve issues, and provides the ability to add internal notes and track account history.

ShippingEasy is making its Customer Management solution available for FREE through June 2017.

About ShippingEasy
ShippingEasy provides e-commerce retailers with the easiest cloud-based shipping, inventory management, and customer management solutions, enabling order consolidation across multiple channels and multiple carriers, including USPS, FedEx, and UPS. ShippingEasy integrates with leading online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and many others, to allow automated order, tracking fulfillment data, and inventory levels to populate in real time across all systems. ShippingEasy saves time, money, and relieves e-commerce businesses of the many challenges often associated with the critical steps from when a purchase is made to where, when, and how it ships and is accounted for. ShippingEasy does for online merchants what a successful online shopping experience does for consumers – streamlines the steps in favor of an outcome. That means orders in a box and out the door the same day. ShippingEasy offers full automation and robust tools such as shipping rules, a product catalog, endless customization, and enhanced reporting. ShippingEasy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of (Nasdaq: STMP). For more information, visit