FREDERICK, MD–Every year American manufacturers collectively incur billions of dollars in losses as a result of goods that are damaged during transport by freight shippers. has developed a standardized online platform, the first of its kind, which responds to the freight remediation needs of manufacturers, retailers and 3PLs. (WFF) connects carriers, whose freight has been damaged in transport, to a national network of WFF service agents who are on standby and prepared to remediate the load.

WFF’s patent pending software automates and manages the freight remediation process with an online platform that allows 3PLs and carriers to configure, estimate and order freight remediation services in minutes from a computer or mobile device. WFF’s national network includes more than 175 contracted service agents in the U.S. and Canada who have received WFF’s certification training.

“Remediation is disruptive and it wastes an enormous amount of time and money for a relatively small problem,” says Don Hill, WFF Chairman. “The receiver has no option but to refuse the shipment. Without remediation, the driver must return the shipment to its origination, resulting in lost sales for all parties.”

Instead, WFF’s online platform allows the carrier to locate a nearby service facility that can quickly and affordably rework the shipment and redeliver it to its destination. Pricing for the service is standardized. “It’s a win-win for all parties,” says Hill. “Retailers are able to get their products on the shelves and the carriers are able to continue on their routes making on-time deliveries.”

Hill says WFF’s creation was inspired by personal experiences as the co-owner of a trucking / warehousing operation in MD. “In 2011, a large membership warehouse distribution center opened nearby and almost immediately my company was besieged with freight remediation requests. We developed a unique process and our reputation for doing rework, cross-dock and redelivery service grew rapidly. Over time it became the largest part of our business.”

As calls for remediation work increased from carriers around the country, it became evident to Hill that a national need existed for such a service. After studying a number of solutions, he and his partners decided the most practical method of dealing with the issue was to establish a national network of trained warehouse-distribution agents who could provide remediation services.

“The response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic,” says Hill. “It took years of qualifying and training, but today we have 175 warehousing partners who have joined the WFF network.” Hill believes that number will increase dramatically with the company’s recent official launch.

“With the assistance of our service agents, we have the ability to significantly help reduce manufacturing losses occurring in America.” To learn more, sign up as a service agent or purchase remediation services, visit