CAMBRIDGE, MA—October 25, 2017—QubeVu®, creator of the world’s fastest dimensioning technology, has partnered with Newcastle Systems to create QubeVu® GoCart™. The mobile workstation enables users to measure the certified-accurate dimensions of any shape in less than a second, wherever they need it—from the loading dock to the warehouse aisle.

Newcastle Vice President, Derek Coppinger, says new dimensional weight-based pricing models have put tremendous pressure on warehouses and distribution centers to increase efficiencies. "It’s become critical for warehouses and distribution centers to measure dimensions of their products. With QubeVu GoCart, organizations can handle large product volumes, trim costs and, in turn, generate higher savings and revenues,” said Coppinger.

Newcastle’s integrated hot-swappable battery system enables 24/7 productivity. “Besides enjoying the benefits of dimensioning, customers can increase productivity with this system. It’s fast, it’s mobile, it’s accurate, and it’s alignment-free,” says Omar Dajani, QubeVu Sales Director. Dajani points out that customers can select additional hardware for further capabilities. “By adding a scale, laptop, printer and/or scanner, the QubeVu GoCart can be set up to do anything – scan your inbound stream, dim your existing SKUs, optimize slotting, or cut shipping costs,” says Dajani.

Both the 30” long and 48” long QubeVu GoCart units can be configured with any QubeVu model. QubeVu is currently offering introductory pricing on both units. For more information go to