In the growing e-commerce market — representing an estimated 15% of all retail sales in 2018 , with $525.69 billion in sales, up 15.9% from 2017 — shoppers are being conditioned to receive and return their items fast and free. LaserShip's recent survey results highlights the importance of shipper adaptation, both in the infographic (below) and in the whitepaper, which you can access here.

Some key findings of the survey results include:

  • Importance of speed: 63% expect items to be delivered within 3 days, and younger generations are showing a proclivity for purchasing from retailers that offer expedited delivery options, even if they have to pay for it.

  • Free is key: 43% of those surveyed have stopped shopping at an online retailer due to high shipping costs, and 50% have abandoned a shopping cart due to shipping costs.

  • Returns differentiate: 75% consider free returns when deciding where to shop online, yet nearly half of retailers charge for returns.