Chicago, April 4 2019 - Bringg, the leading delivery orchestration platform, announced today a partnership with LSO, also known as Lone Star Overnight. Bringg’s solution provides LSO with real-time visibility across their entire delivery ecosystem and optimal efficiency for their drivers, fleets and warehouses, while helping their shippers offer flawless delivery experiences.

LSO sought a highly scalable technology solution which would enable them to leapfrog the capabilities offered by legacy parcel carriers while still reducing their operational costs. Using Bringg’s real-time capabilities, they are now able to offer the LSO View service which provides shippers and their customers with the tracking experience they are accustomed to from using apps such as Uber and Lyft. Everyone is fully informed every step of the way, and customers can interact with drivers, receive alerts and provide feedback about their delivery experience.

Bringg’s SaaS platform also provides LSO with powerful operational features which enable them to achieve industry-leading performance including flawless deliveries and peak driver efficiency. These include full operational visibility and transparency for LSO and their customers, improved driver performance through route optimization and automated workflows, and optimal efficiency leading to a reduction of nearly 40% in the time that drivers have to spend at the warehouse.

The Bringg platform has already helped LSO establish far more agile and transparent delivery operations following a rapid implementation process - only four weeks to go live and five months to scale. While the Bringg platform enables LSO to continuously gather insights and optimize operations, results already show that more than 99% of the packages are delivered on-time.

“Bringg has provided us with what we were looking for - a combination of value, convenience, visibility and experience. For example, we have always had barcode tracking just like the rest of the parcel delivery industry, but Bringg now enables us to provide our customers with an Uber like user experience” said Richard Metzler, LSO’s President and CEO “This is a very important milestone for LSO, and Bringg has proven to be the ideal partner to help us reach that elusive balance between cost, efficiency and customer experience.”

“We’re delighted to be able to work with LSO as they evolve their operations to offer their customers unparalleled service. The visibility they now have across the entire delivery process translates to major business efficiencies and a superior experience for their customers.” said Tamir Gotfried, SVP & GM, Global Field Operations at Bringg “As the largest regional parcel carrier in the southern U.S., this is a testament to the LSO leadership team’s ambition to innovate through technology, creating a world-class delivery ecosystem for their drivers and customers.”

About Bringg

Bringg is the leading delivery orchestration solution, providing enterprises with the most efficient way to manage their complex delivery operations. Some of the world's best-known brands in more than 50 countries are already gaining clear strategic value from Bringg’s powerful SaaS platform which offers the real-time capabilities they need in order to achieve logistical excellence across their delivery ecosystem. Market-leading companies from the retail, grocery, restaurant, consumer goods, logistics and services industries trust Bringg’s technology to help them streamline their logistical operations for peak efficiency, enable fully elastic logistics across multiple delivery models, and create perfect delivery experiences for their customers. By using our platform, they can establish successful cost-effective operations that balance the needs of all the participants in their delivery ecosystem - from management at headquarters, through the teams in the field, and all the way to the end-customers who are at the heart of the entire process. For more information, please visit our website at

About LSO

LSO is a leading provider of regional parcel delivery services in the southern United States. Services include same-day, next-day, and 2-day package delivery, as well as on-demand, final mile and scheduled route services. LSO is based in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit or call (800) 800-8984.

Bringg is delivering these significant efficiencies for LSO’s operations by providing:

Enhanced User Experiences: LSO View, which harnesses the power of Bringg's real-time tracking technology, provides shippers and their customers with a completely different delivery experience by using a web-based live delivery tracker to keep everyone fully informed every step of the way. Customers are also able to communicate directly with the drivers using masked numbers if they have specific requests, receive SMS or email alerts, and provide valuable feedback on their delivery experience. ​

Improved Driver Performance: Bringg’s route optimization and automated delivery technology helps LSO drivers optimize their route using an easy-to-use interface, improving their efficiency and productivity. It enables them to complete all parcel deliveries within the specified service delivery commitment, as well as optimize their stops by taking into account what each one requires for more efficient deliveries.

Full Operational Visibility: ​LSO and its customers are able to track the location of every parcel in real-time. This transparency gives drivers the ability to manage issues such as traffic upfront, while fleet performance can be monitored centrally and optimized in real time to meet unforeseen challenges.

Optimal Warehouse Efficiency: The LSO team now has full visibility into their delivery-related warehouse operations, leading to a reduction of nearly 40% in the drivers’ time at the warehouse. The warehouse processes are further improved through mobile barcode scanning and follow-up actionable data insights.