HICKORY, NC (November 5, 2020) – Transportation Insight® announces the release of its new downloadable guide, “You Shipped It…But Did It Make Money? This literature explores the key challenges facing today’s product-oriented companies and details six best practices to guarantee the highest level of profitability on every order, even when shipping is “free.”

The guide opens by describing how Amazon changed the shipping game and made free shipping with rapid delivery an expectation for customers on every order. This free shipping standard became a drain on the bottom line for many shippers, particularly those dealing with heavy parcels. Shippers learned that protecting the free shipping customer experience quickly leads to an unprofitable order.

As explained in the guide, shipping profitably is an attainable goal, even in today’s uncertain environment brought on by the global pandemic. However, getting there requires extra effort, good logistics partners and the application of best practices. “Utilizing our 500 years of combined executive-level experience in the transportation industry, our team developed a list of six crucial practices to protect profits on B2C and B2B shipments,” says Transportation Insight Vice President of Parcel Operations Todd Benge.

“You Shipped It…But Did It Make Money?” lays out these six practices and expounds on each: 1. Differentiate winners and losers. 2. Think down to the package level. 3. Involve everyone in good margin management. 4. Put data to work. 5. Put your SKU in the right place. 6. Build—or buy—the tools.

Benge says applying these best practices can help your company remain agile and focused on customer service while protecting the bottom line. He explains, “Conquering your shipping challenges and mastering your supply chain requires a partner that is able to work with the upstream and downstream supply chain to understand what is happening in distinct nodes.”

Benge says, “We are here to help.” He adds, “In a never normal supply chain environment full of volatility, you need a partner that can both execute the standard scope of 3PL services and help solve the problems that jeopardize bottom line performance.”

Benge concludes, “Transportation Insight has the team, the tools and the technology to unlock the power of a company’s supply chain so they can realize value today and drive growth tomorrow.

As a full-service logistics partner, we have the resources and best relationships to help customers leverage logistics as a competitive advantage.”

To download “You Shipped It…But Did It Make Money,” visit https://info.transportationinsight.com/shipped-make-money-ty?submissionGuid=f53ec390-a91a-4059-b6c7-d459fd278cca. Contact Transportation Insight to request a printed version.

Top Transportation Insight executives are now available for media interviews to discuss managing profitability while racing to meet the demands for delivery speed, service and choice. For media inquiries, please contact Ed Stevens, APR, at estevens@stevensstrategic.com.

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